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Classic rhyming poetry with a Halloween theme.
The Monster in the Stool *Monster1*

A tasty meal the night before
With deep fried squid, and drinks galore
I woke next day, my head like flu
In pain, my stomach full of goo

When sudden rumbling, tummy sound
Came rushing from my underground
I had to find a toilet soon
Or face the stains upon my moon

My timely action saved my shorts
I sat exploding, dire retorts
Till ending... all was well and sweet
I raised aloft the ivory seat

Inspecting what was left inside
A creature washed up with the tide
It hissed at me with nasty teeth
The monsters body hid beneath

A greenish looking beast with fangs
It lunged, and grasped me by the bangs
I grabbed and squeezed, it fell back in
Its slime left burning on my skin

I grabbed the plunger from the floor
And tried to flush the putrid gore
I pumped and poked the best I could
Then peeked again but there it stood

It coughed and sputtered...crawled about
Twas hard to kill, there was no doubt
I grabbed the curling iron, near sink
And dropped it in the nasty drink

Then plugged the iron in the wall
Electrified, the beast did squall
It smoked awhile, then gave its ghost
To think... that I had been its host

I flushed it's slippery carcass down
Its face did vanish with a frown
A nasty tale for me to spin
I'll never eat fried squid again! *Monster1*     

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