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by Kiriel
Rated: 13+ · Other · Horror/Scary · #1955844
My Contest entry. (610 words)
Gusty winds blew leaves down the road. There was a slight chill seeping through Ron's heavy flannel coat and jeans, chilling his important cargo he is shielding from Jack Frost's fingers. Ron dashes down the center of the street, his body seemingly covered in a pale white aura. Ron finally rushes up to the heavy oak doors that guard his destination, his neighborhood church. He rushes in and unwrapped his jacket. Out from its cloth restraints falls a silver ring. This ring is inscribed with a pentagram on top and intricate etchings of olive branches woven together connecting the pentagram on top to a small but detailed model of Earth. Chained to this ring is what caused this mess to start, an old dusty book that hadn't seen light for hundreds of years.

A week ago Ron and Max had been exploring Ron's attic. Now Ron's family has been living in this house since before the American Revolution. As these two were stumbling over piles of old furniture and newspapers, Max stumbled upon a mold covered, moth eaten, old book. Attached to this book was the same silver ring that is lying on the floor of the church. As max bent over to pick up the strange book he felt an ominous shiver course through his body. After letting the chill roll off him he called over Ron and they doomed themselves together. Max opened the book and read a warning on the first page. It read," To those whom have found The Lesser Key of Solomon, turn back or forever regret your decision." Of course, in their teenage pride, they received this threat and payed no heed to it. Upon flipping the page 32 violent souls escaped from the eternal flame of purgatory in which the book is. All of these demons had one purpose, the free their king and savior, Satan, who is still sealed inside the book.

As soon as Ron entered the church, a chill entered the room, coating everything in a blanket of despair and death. As Ron looked at the doors he could tell that it was only a matter of time until the demons break in. As the dull thud of an axe slams against the door, the stained-glass windows depicting saints slaying dragons or performing miracles start to frost over and groan under the extreme cold. BAM!! The window shatters, leaving the church defenseless against the hoard of ravenous, tortured souls, waiting for a feast. Ron starts to scream as the damned souls approach him. He starts to look up after not feeling claws and talons ripping him apart. As Ron looks up the demons part letting him see the face of his best friend Max, but instead of a frightened face in a mask of horror, there is instead a cruel snarl of hatred and contempt on his face. Max walks up to you and starts talking, saying," So how do you like my new body pathetic ape?" Ron can only look in shock as Max kicks Ron in the gut. Max then continues," So, now comes the part where I will take that book from you and summon my master into your body, okay Ron?" Ron starts screaming as his best friend condemns them both to a fate worse that death. Max continues chanting over Ron's screams, and finishing by cutting himself and letting the blood drop onto the seal of the silver ring. Ron then feels himself slipping into darkness while the world revolves around him. The last thing he hears is Max standing over him saying,"My favorite story starts like this: Gutsy winds blew leaves down the road...."

610 words
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1955844-The-Storm-is-Coming