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Rayne is a call girl and work summons.
          Taking a deep breath to fortify herself like she always did on a job she built up the courage and then gave a solid but firm knock on the door, following the exact pattern she had been instructed to perform. She exhaled slowly as she heard someone approach the door and open it. A woman around the age of fifty held the door open, looking at her in open shock. The elder woman was neatly dressed, much like herself, in a tan business skirt and a white button down blouse. They wore almost the identical clothing except hers was all black and she had a suite jacket on over her top.
         After a time the woman seemed to collect herself and finally she turned to her boss and bowed, excusing herself from the room. Entering it, since she’d left it open upon her exit, and shutting the door quietly behind herself. She turned to observe her client and get a feel for what to expect during this job but was startled into a gasp at what she saw. The man was huge.
         The best description she could come up with for him was to liken him to a miniature giant. Seven feet high with broad shoulders, his frame was packed with muscles. She took a moment to compose herself, if his lower half matched the rest of him she might be in trouble.
         Strip.” He said in a hard voice. It was deep but smooth; it might have even been seductive if he didn’t speak with the abruptness and command one might use with a dog.
         “What?” She was used to a bit more from her clientele.
         He looked up from the folder he’d been perusing since she’d walked in and turned hard, cold eyes in her direction. He examined her and she had to fight not to give in to the urge to tug at her clothes. She knew what he saw, she’d checked herself many times in the office bathroom before she’d finally convinced herself that she looked as good as it was going to get.
         The black three piece suit matched her black hair that was cut in a short bob and angled to curl around her face. Accentuating her best feature, her face. Her eyes were light blue with hints of grey mixed and she had a tiny but pretty nose. A soft facial structure and sweetly rounded cheeks. Today she wore a deep red lipstick that drew your eyes to fullness of her lips.
Her body was a little thicker than the other girls which she hoped would work to her advantage for the man in front of her. She had a nice sized chest and while she was lacking in the butt area it was rounded out perfectly. Her red strap up stiletto fuck-me pumps had been a little treat to herself, a way to boost her confidence.
         He stared at her for so long that she began to fidget, not sure what he was looking for. Maybe she wasn’t what he’d hoped for when he’d called in. Another minute ticked by and the silence hung between them. Finally he closed his folder and turned his whole body to face her.
         “Are you hard of hearing?” She blinked at him.
         “Then strip”
         “But what?” A frown marred the handsome but detached features of his face.
         “Well, wouldn’t you like to get the introductions out of the way? Maybe say a bit about one another, ask questions and such?” She asked tentatively.
         “So that I can figure out how you want to play this, what kind of fantasy you want and such. That way you get your money’s worth.”
         “You’ve misunderstood the purpose of your coming here.” He said, his eyes studying her so intently she felt he was trying to strip away everything and read what was in her soul. His eyes were so green, the color reminding her of an alligators scale.
         “Oh?” A horrid thought struck her, what if she’d come to the wrong office room?
         “Your job is only to satisfy my need, scratch an itch if you will.” He stood up and curled his hands behind his back. “Once you have done that you will leave and you and I will never see each other again as I’m very sure we frequent completely different circles.”
         “I see.” She felt like a bug under his gaze. Suddenly she was sure it didn’t matter what she looked like, any girl would do for this man because any one could be thrown away once they were no long necessary.
         “So.” He said with a nod. “Now that you understand, strip.”
         “Before that I need to confirm that I’m in the right place, if you would be so kind as to give me your name.” She needed to make sure but was still concerned that he would be upset with her asking after what he’d said but he surprised her by nodding. Apparently he liked her reasoning.
         “Samuel what?”
         “Just Samuel, that is the only name I left with the coordinator.”
         She nodded, that was what she’d been told as well.
         “My name is Rayne.” She held up her hand when he opened his mouth to reprimand her for ignoring his previous speech. “I’m only telling you so that if you find my service dissatisfying and wish to complain or ask for my services again you may do so.” Though somehow she thought the latter was highly unlikely.
         His eyes flash in annoyance but he nodded none the less.
         With that part of business over with she began to strip as he’d instructed. Rayne thought to do it slowly but nixed that idea. He had already said it hadn’t he? She was here for one thing. Once she was fully undressed he walked around her body. Measuring her up like one would a car right before buying. Finally he came back around to face her and nodded.
         “You’ll do.” He loosened his tie and walked away from her, striping as he walked. He might not have enjoyed her getting undressed but she was more than pleased with watching him. The man truly was all muscle. Not an ounce on his stomach was rounded, looking a slight but softer than the rest of him. She snickered as the thought being forced to bear his stomach to someone and how he’d react to it passed through her mind.
         He walked around the desk and pulled out a long tube from a drawer before looking up at her. “You find something amusing?”
         “Not really. Just a little nervous.” She finally braved a look at his penis and found that she wasn’t lying. It was just like the rest of him, large.
         Quite frankly Rayne wasn’t sure how the man been able to function at all. Or walk for that matter. It was long and thick, the veins that ran along it throbbing in obvious need and the length twitched the longer she stared at it.
         “Don’t be. I will prepare you thoroughly before entering. Should I find I am pleased with your services I don’t need you spreading horror stories throughout your agency.” He lifted the tube off the desk to show her his meaning of prepare.
         Rayne licked her lips and nodded. No backing out now…well that wasn’t true. She could run but she would probably never get another job and she needed the money. He gestured her over to the desk and positioned her so that she was spread wide, chest on the cold wood and ass firmly in the air. Rayne had kept the pumps on.
         “Tell me, have you ever considered anal play?” He was standing behind her squeezing the liquid from the tube into his hands.
         Rayne gripped the edge of the desk and shook her head. There was another one of his long silences and then she heard him inhaled deeply.
         “You’re lying; I can smell your arousal. You have thought about it and liked the idea I’d wager.” He slid his lube covered fingers along the entrance of her anal passage. Rayne squeaked at the coldness of it.
         She shook her head again. “You’re too big.” The might as well shove his arm inside of her, she had a better chance of surviving that.
         He just grunted. He knew he was too big for that, but he didn’t seem to care. He slipped a finger inside and she shuddered. He began thrusting his finger in and out of her gently and her ass burned slightly from the sensation. He kept that up until her body relaxed, and then he slipped another inside. He kept up this pattern until she was shaking with need. Rayne’s pussy dripped in need but he was ignoring it entirely.
         Samuel pulled all three of his fingers from her ass and then lightly smacked her right butt cheek. “Suck me.”
         Needing no more directions and feeling needy for something Rayne unclenched her fingers, turned and dropped to her knees before him. She wasn’t sure he expected to fit anywhere in her body but she licked the tip of his dick experimentally. The salty taste of precum assured that he’d been feeling what he was doing to her as well.
         Wrapping both her hands around the base of his throbbing dick Rayne took Samuel as deeply down her throat as she could manage which was only about half way. Hollowing out her cheeks she sucked him and worked the rest of his cock with her hands. Jerking him off as she simultaneously sucked him.
         Rayne enjoyed this part of her job. Something about a man’s dick just tasted so good to her. The salty burst that assaulted her senses from the taste of semen. The firm but soft flesh of a cock as it stroked across her tongue. That sensation alone could leave her soaked.
         Rayne was rewarded for her efforts by the moan that was dragged from Samuel. Rayne would be willing to bet that no other woman had ever been able to take him half way in there throat. What she was doing was probably the closest thing he would ever get to a deep throat.
         She pulled back, letting her slobber drizzle down her chin as she adjusted to focus more on the base with her tongue. She dropped one hand to his leg and used the other to spread her saliva from the tip to the rest of his penis. She licked and sucked his basing. Languishing over it with much needed attention.
         Rayne felt his hands curl into her hair and looked up to find his head thrown back in ecstasy, Samuel’s Adam’s apple in clear display. She was tempted to nibble on it but knew he wouldn’t appreciate the interruption of his pleasure. She returned her attention to his penis. Samuel was thrusting his hips in her grasp involuntarily.
         She increased the speed of her caress, returning her lips to the tip. She sucked and licked at it, wanting to taste his climax. But Samuel deprived her of that. He jerked her up by her hair and returned her to her earlier position across the desk. He slipped first one finger then another and another until he had three fingers in her ass, making sure she hadn’t tightened up again.
Then he pulled his fingers free and nudged his dick up against her anal entrance. He prodded her, preparing her body for his entrance before pressing with slight force.
         “Shit, push out.” He griped her hips, his body held rigidly in check as he grunted the command at her. Rayne did as bid and his head popped into her body.
         “Breathe, don’t hold your breath. That’s it, nice and easy.” He slid a little bit further into her and Rayne let out a moan. The sensation was indescribable, it hurt but at the same time it felt so good.
         Samuel kept inching forward like that until he was all the way to the base and Rayne could feel him in her stomach. By that time they were both drench in sweat and panting. His fingers dug into her his in a death grip as his body strained against his control. He slid out slowly and she yelped.
         “There you are. You’re a natural at this aren’t you? You little whore.” He growled at her, slipping back into her. With each thrust he pulled a little further out, picking up speed as he went.
         Rayne shook her head but to what she wasn’t sure. She was a whore after all.
         Samuel pulled out to the tip and then slammed back in, grinding when the base of his cock slapped against her ass. At her yell she felt his body relax a fraction. He leaned back, wrapped his hand in her hair and rode her like a horse. It still burned and her body was so full but it felt so good that Rayne lifted her ass higher in the air, letting him push deeper inside her.
Her pussy was twitching in need, completely ignored so she slid a hand in between her legs, rubbing her clit at a speed to match his thrusts.
         “Yes, please yes! Fuck me.” She cried. Her body was stretched as far as it could possibly be stretched and there was no way for him to get any deeper inside of her but she knew he could move faster. And indeed he did.
         Until he decided to pick her up. She’d been wrong. It seemed that he could deeper inside of her. He hoisted her up so that her back rested against his chest and he spread her legs wide. Samuel bounced her up and down on his dick, plunging himself deeper inside of her.
         Rayne’s left arm gripped his bicep while the other curled behind her to dig into his shoulder. He had them facing the large glass windows of the office and as the sun set she could see their reflection. His eyes were locked onto hers, his dick thrusting in and out of her causing slight protrusion in her stomach as her pussy wept in need. Her breasts bouncing, the nipples puckered. And then there was her red heels digging into his thighs as she used them for more support.
Rayne watched Samuel’s green eyes burst in color, his nostrils flaring as he reached his climax. Her own right on the heels of it as his cock pulsated inside of her. His ejaculation was strong, the streams of cum that flowed out of him trickling back out of her ass to drip on the floor.
         When both their climaxes finally came to an end and they were panting heavily Samuel let her slide down his body to place her feet on the floor. Once she was standing he turned his back to her and walked away. The only problem was that Rayne was having trouble standing. Her legs shook like a newborn calf’s and before she knew it she’d hit the floor on her poor abused butt.
         Samuel returned with a coupled of towels. He handed on to her, tossed one on the floor and used the last to clean himself. Once clean he retrieved his clothes and began dressing. Rayne took a moment to let her legs rest as she cleaned herself delicately. She looked up once to catch Samuel watching her do so. Her knees were curled up to her chest, her legs slightly open as she whipped her body clean. But she assumed his watching was to make sure that she cleaned the mess off the floor.
         Once Rayne was clean and sure she could stand, she grabbed her own clothes and began to redress as well. Once finished she adjusted her hair and checked her makeup in a wall mirror he had. She had to correct her mascara and lipstick but once she was done with that she turned, bowed to Samuel and started to head out the door.
         “Hold it.” He walked toward her, adjusting his tie. Rayne hoped the coordinator had already explained the wire transfer process regarding payment.
         He stepped up to her and held out his hand. She looked at it and cocked her head. She hadn’t taken anything.
         “Do you have a card?”
         Rayne blinked at him then nodded numbly. Digging into her suit jacket pocket she removed one of her personal business cards. All the girls had one with the business logo on it. She handed it to him. He looked at it, analyzing it. It only had her first name, the company logo, her cell number and the agencies number on it.
         Samuel nodded and then turned away. It seemed she was dismissed. But he’d taken her card, that was a good thing right? Rayne shut his office door behind her and as she stepped into the elevator she couldn’t help but hope that he called on her again. And if people looked at her twice because she was walking funny, well she could just pretend that they were jealous couldn’t she?
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