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How I help people conquer it!
I can genuinely say that I have never had writer's block! That is, I've never had writer's block when it came to an idea as to what to write about. I will at times hit a rut once the story is being written, but I realize that there are many out there who can't even crank out that first idea. Believe it or not, it was the tragic circumstances in my life, that made me a skilled writer. I literally wrote everything, and anything just to distract myself from the pain. It was from that suffering that I unwittingly developed these techniques. Now I can help others, so they don't have to suffer to learn what I learned.
What I learned is that writers are mental athletes. Creativity is our muscles. What do athletes do to become better? They exercise those muscles continuously, and consistently. They practice every single day. Then do you know what they do? They challenge those muscles by having them do a new routine that is out of their comfort zone. Through this intense training, the athlete becomes stronger, and more skilled. That is what I inadvertently did during all of those hours and hours of intense writing.
Creativity wasn't just a "gift". I earned it through intense practice.
My clients are constantly being challenged. I do coaching one-on-one rather than in groups because I want to devote all of my attention to my one client so I can help them fully exercise their creative muscles. I'll make them write a commercial one day, a short story the next, and an obituary a day later. If their brain is challenged in new ways, it becomes more versatile, and then their creativity is strengthened. When they read to me their work, I am not looking for a masterpiece. They don't have to be embarrassed about the quality of their writing. I am more concerned about the fact that they ARE writing! Once they write day after day after day, and get used to the process, that terrible writing will become FANTASTIC! Throw away the idea that all of those artistic geniuses are just born with "the gift", and the rest of us are just out of luck. No. Those geniuses simply knew how to work, and never gave up.
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