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When a young girl's life turns upside down, she must learn how to turn it around.
         Sometimes people can't help when there is change in their lives; it comes no matter what they do and no matter how hard they try to prevent it. People can strive to keep their lies a constant, never changing, always the same, to try and keep themselves stable and happy. They believe that any sort of change will cause them to lose sight of what they want or should be going in their life. Change can be good though, or these fears people have about change can be true. It can also start off seeming to be bad, but in the end cause something great.
         Life throws us easy pitches, and then it throws us curve balls. We never know which it will be until it is time for us to swing. Whether we hit or miss depends on how prepared we are for the pitch. Even if we miss though, it isn't the end of the game, and in this game, three strikes doesn't always mean we're out.
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