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A group of young women steal a tank in Nazi Germany and go on a revenge spree. First draft
“ I suppose ill never know if it's the long hours of working or the long hours of running that I've put my knees through that makes them pop so...” Thought the young woman as she shifted in her slightly dingy Nazi S.S. Uniform.

“Pop, crackle.” Her knees protested amid her movement, sounding like twigs snapping, muted.

“Ugh,...attractive.” She paused. “Even now I think of that, if only for a moment I do.” She ponders, puffing her cigarette. She can hear her ride approaching, the bulky beauty thunders nearer.

A German tank speeds clear the corner of the house that the false SS officer stands behind, it stops, or nearly stops as it nears her. She tosses her cigarette and climbs on the beast. Climbing to the top she stops and enjoys the morning sun breaking the skyline which is dotted in that direction with trees and sloping with hills and fields.

She sees the sun bathe her once sacred farmland in her once beloved country with cold eyes, now all seems abandoned she thought as they road out of town. She realizes that her heart is bitter now, stained by things that may be too strong, too bizarre for even time to remove the suffering of. She has never left her home and yet she will never return to it. She had stood still as her world was taken from her, but she stands still no more.

Now she clings to a hijacked tank, making fun of killing Nazis with her small but potent team.

The hatch to the tank clicks and raises to reveal yet another young woman, a Jewish woman disguised as a German soldier, she motions to the officer to enter, as she passes the soldier says “One bad bitch.” To which the officer replies “More than one.” With a sly smirk she slides in the tank.

Once inside the tank the officer removes her cap to reveal the rest of her closely cropped blond, blue eyed head, convincingly enough to the specs of an actual S.S. Officer. Close enough to have lured many to their doom. And her eyes, those deep dark pits of pain could drown most human men they are what sold her disguise. The dead eyes of an S.S. Are not a thing to be learned, they are lived.

They now fall upon their hostage, the German officer whose uniform Elizabeth is draped in. The German soldier who helped her in the tank is Vivica, Driving the tank is Heidi, who roughly twenty minutes ago saw it fit to remove one of their captives nipples and place it one the tip of the new charge as she armed the cannon for whatever its next target may be. She told him it was destined for his children's bedroom if Elizabeth didn't return. Upon her return she didn't even notice the missing nipple and the subsequent blood.

It had been a long day.

Karen and Sophie are waiting them at their destination, communicating via radio and keeping watch. Elizabeth pieced this team together like a patchwork quilt of torture and sorrow, sewn together with blood, bullets and one big, bad tank.

Eric Wilhelm is the name of the German officer that these ladies have as their captive, he has also wished for death long before now. He is not the first of their victims and will not be the last, in fact Eric now bleeds upon the SS jacket of one who was done in long before him.

Elizabeth notices that old jacket, filthy now with...use, directly she shoots the officer in the head “he has outlived his use.” She states dryly, and sits. She adds “and long outstayed his welcome.”

All her comrades noticed was the shot, which was, lucky for them, suppressed. The rumble of the tank washed away her words with ease. They didn't bother to ask, it had been a long day.
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