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Two Young lovers find themselves in an unbelievable situation.
Dave tossed the shovel on top of the small pile of dirt. “Are you going to help me or not?

His girlfriend, Angela, shook her head. “I can't believe this happened!”

“Look,” snapped Dave. “It's done.  We can't change what happened and now we have to deal with it!”

“Why can't we call the police, Dave?”

Dave took a sip from his water bottle.  “We've been over this!”

“It was an accident!  They'd understand!”

Dave closed his eyes and thought of how it might look to the police. 

“You see officer.  My Girlfriend and I picked up this hitchhiker and brought her home for a little three way hokey-poky and I kind of  accidentally strangled her to death.”

“No,” he said to Angela.  “We murdered her.  Now help me dig this grave.”

Angela grabbed the spare shovel and started moving dirt from the hole.

* * *

“Grab her feet and we'll toss her in on three,” said Dave as he took hold of the girls wrists.

“What if someone finds the grave, Dave?” asked Angela.  “They'll find traces of...fluids you know.”

“That's why I brought the gasoline.  We'll dump it, burn it, and bury it.”

Angela grabbed the girls legs.

“On three,” said Dave.  “One, two, three!”

They girls body landed in the shallow grave with a solid thump.

The young lovers sat silently looking at the girl.

“I think she just moved, Dave!” said Angela with panic in her voice.

“That's impossible.  She's...” The rest of his sentence was cut off as the girl sat up.

“What the hell!” screamed the girl.  “What are you doing to me!”

“You said she was dead!” Angela shrieked.

Dave swung his shovel and grinned as the girls head split open and she fell back silently.

“She is now,” he said quietly.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1956808