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Thoughts on how a religious bumper sticker expresses an erroneous theology.
My Boss is a Jewish Carpenter

I saw an old car
With an old bumper sticker:
My Boss is a Jewish Carpenter.
This saying causes me to wonder.
It's scripturally amiss
And makes my heart rate quicker.

No, I'm not anti-Christian
The messiah is fine with me
This slogan is misleading
It's not accurate you see.
Son of God and Prince of Peace
But was his trade carpentry?

Next time you open your bible
Please note the Lord's imagery.
Save for sawdust and plank
Such metaphors weren't key.
No hammer and no plumb lines
And nails were for him on a tree.

Many parables with seeds,
Many with trees and sowing,
He said "I am the true vine."
Now more people were knowing.
Now there's spiritual reaping
And the kingdom began growing.

Water - feeds, cleans, body and soul
Jesus preaching at the shore.
Fisherman as apostles
Yield disciples by the score.
Baptism brings new life in Christ
Changes oneself from the core.

Though Joseph was a carpenter
Jesus had a better plan;
To follow God the Father
And bring His word to man.
To learn and strive to do God's will
And be as holy as one can.
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