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by DeLift
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Sci-fi · #1956990
My dear Annabel, we will be reunited once again.
The Onyx Oil, chosen for its purist black, had only one flaw. It will crystalize when the oil is held still. In its solid form would refuse to cover the glass from top to bottom. It was hard to create a device that would pump the oil perpetually, so that it will flow over the sphere forever.
Sometimes, I put my finger on the sphere and watch the oil crystalize. Your brilliant light still shining within. My love, we will be reunited once again.
My dear Annabel, are you still waiting there for me? Will your soul remember the promises we made?

The old writings are right. About the First Great Ray. I believe the light corrupts, my love. When souls are returned to the Ultra Violet state, the light pierces through you, changes you.
I will refuse to lose you. Losing you is losing who I am. Without you, I’m some guy in a lab coat, but now, I am loved, and you would even make me a father one day. Oh, how I long for the days you held me in your arms. The warmth you gave me.
My dear Annabel, are you still with me? Would you understand my motives?

I’m sure I was on time! You were only seconds away from death when I turned on the machine. I watched you ascend. The fluorescent tubes sang as they captured you. The glass sphere rang. It’s sound signalling that the experiment was successful.
How does it sound? The Onyx Oil flowing over your glass shell? Does the sound soothe you or does the noise drive you mad?
My dear Annabel, have you forgiven me? Have my actions caused you to hate me?

The frustration I felt was overwhelming. The writer of this book seems to know so much, but why has he not written anything about the Ultra Violet state?
It has now become my task to continue where he had stopped. I do not have the limitations that he had. The years I have spent has shown some results. I feel that I am close now. Have patience, my love.
My dear Annabel, do you feel alone? After all these years, has some of the light gone through?

Annabel, I discovered that it could not be done. Countless times I have tested the device, but I found myself unable to inject the light into the bodies, but still, the writings where right. The Great Ray did indeed bring back the squirrels I whose life I took for the experiments, yet…
I was not able to find a way to bring back their soul. The writings have foretold that the Great Ray would bring forth life, and it did! But the Ultra Violet is different. I discovered the Ultra Violet is merely a by-product of the Great Ray.
My dear Annabel, I am so sorry. The process cannot be undone. I fear the years have been for not.

My body is old and battered. My mind tormented. I feel that I have failed you, my love. There is nothing left here for me now. You, and only you, where my greatest achievement.
I have set up the machines again, Annabel. When the fluorescent tubes sing, the flow of oil will stop, but for just a few seconds. Then, we can be together yet again.
My dear Annabel, I hope you can forgive me.
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