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A man coming to terms with the poignant emotions resulting from a break up.
Gusty winds blew leaves down the road as she walked away, leaving him with nothing but his thoughts and regrets. His own inadequacy would lead to the destruction of his own dream, but he would not allow himself to sit back and wallow in the self-pity of defeat. He ran after her without a clue in his mind what to say to change hers. He called for her to stop, but a semi-glance later she was walking even faster then before. He grabbed her hand, turning her and forcing her to confront him and her own feelings. Vicious words were exchanged, with each passing breath putting what seemed like miles between them. Once again she turned to leave. She disappeared over the horizon, as all he could do now was watch. Once she was gone for good, he collapsed to his knees and began to sob. As the facts of the matter began to hit him he cried harder and harder, he cried as he had never cried before. He was now face down in the dirt, but he felt that is where he was meant to be at the moment, as his main reason for living walked further and further away. He stumbled to his feet wiping away the mixture of dirt and tears that plastered his face. Where to go and what to do? All of this time he had merely been trying to impress her. His job was what she wanted him to do, his house was one she had wanted; everything down to his haircut had been to appease her tastes. Now who was he? He stood with a blank expression searching deep within the shell of a man he had become for the man he once was, but could not remember a time when he had lived for anything other then her. He walked in the opposite direction she had gone, trying to remember who he was before he met her. After a while he came to a beach, but the sun had set hours before so not a soul could found. He strolled along the coast, like the struggling of the waves to climb up onto land he tried to comprehend the confusion and solitude he was now left with. What if he couldn't survive without her? He would certainly quit his job now, and he definitely didn't want to return to the house they had once shared. As he continued his walk, he came to a sailboat that was seemingly manageable for one person. It would be so easy for him to just take the sailboat and hit the open ocean, leaving his troubles behind and living for no one's sake but his own. He climbed onto the sailboat, and the gentle waves had a soothing effect as he gazed into the starry night sky. He wondered what it meant to truly be in love, and if he had ever been in love with her in the first place. Is love something that must be reciprocated? Or is it a complex emotion with many variations it may appear as? Perhaps love doesn't exist, and we as humans invented love to cope with the varying emotions surrounding relationships between two individuals of different genders. He stood there all night contemplating many aspects of life, while trying to come to terms with where his life needed to go. The sun began to rise over the water, and the beauty of the experience seemed to clear his mind. Suddenly all of the emotions that had been dragging him towards the gates of despair vanished. With new vigor, he took off knowing what he had to do. This time he would live his life the right way,

Word Count: 620

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