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This is a poem I just wrote and I was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe.
The pale faced man with no name
Guide me further into my dream of nightmarish horror
With your lantern in your hand, illuminate the shadows before me
so that I might see what is before me
Reveal to me, what is hidden, long forgotten and clothed in the dust of sleep
Help me to find what is missing, what I need to feel inspired in my waking hours

My dreamlike visions haunt my waking hours
upon waking they are all but forgotten, until I am beckoned into slumber again
To sleep like the dead, to rest for eternity upon the weakness of my last breath
I have slain my demons, every night for as long as I care to remember
Every night I am in a hellish world, doomed to repeat my mistakes
unable to save my beloved, my soul mate

The pale faced man is a friend but an enemy also
he hides behind his back, glistening blades
they cry to slit the throat of an innocent
to let the blood drain from the wound and satiate his hunger
he is a madman, a devious wretched soul of depravity
he will steal your soul in your dreams
with bloodied hands, and blood splattered over his pale white face, he will stalk you in real life
a specter with a maniacal grin on his face, and madness in his eyes
The wretched pale faced man!
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