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Satirical rhyming poetry
Revenge of The Plant God

I kept breaking out, a mysterious rash,
My arms full of bumps, a bubbly red mass.
Had no way of knowing whatever the cause.
The itching was bad, it made me take pause.

"It might be my kitty, some stuff on her fur,
Since often I'll hold her till she starts to purr.
She could be the hostess, the cause of my lumps,
So I'll have to watch where she runs, where she jumps."

I called out her name from the porch in the back.
She jumped from the shed, our neighbors old shack.
I noticed a vine with some healthy green leaves,
that wound up the shack, two feet past its eaves.

I pulled out my book that identifies plants.
Poison Ivy for certain, I knew with a glance.
Nobody lived in the house with the shack.
I had to do something to end this attack.

So I purchased a poison the best I could find,
To kill off the plant...my sprayer all primed.
I sprayed every leaf, every stem that I could,
With double the strength to kill all of its wood.

I waited two weeks till it gave up its fight.
Every leaf had turned brown...what a beautiful sight.
Yet still I sit itching, still under distress.
My skin still a blaze with the horrible mess.

The plant God is angry...She's plotted revenge,
With itching so awful that it makes me cringe.
But I'll keep on fighting...till every vine's dead.
For I prefer skin that feels normal instead.

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