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This is the story of John a futuristic supersolider that was thrust into the past
CHAPTER 1 Origins and Mettings
John stepped up to the strange table, with unwavering resolve. If he goes through with this, the change would be irreversible. He would be the first super soldier, his body would be augmented by self repairing and improving tech, and he would be the best warrior in the universe.
He thought of some of the ancient stories that survived from the earth era. He recalled the one that mentioned a mechanical warrior, and laughed. He would be totaly superior to that hero when he was done.
As he climbed on to the table, a voice came over the intercom,"John sedatives will be admistored shortly, prepare yourself."
"Alright let's get this over with." John replied half heartedly. He felt a prick in his neck and everything went black.
John was jerked back to reality by an alarm sounding. His flashback did little to disconcern him so he pulled his armor on, then immediately rushed to the bridge to get a sit-rep.
"Ah, John perfect timing."
"Im a light sleeper captain, I have spent too much time on the battlefield to sleep heavy."
"Whatever the case we have detected a quantum anomaly, and I need you to check it out."
"Of course sir I'll get down to the air lock right away." John replied rushing out the door.
"Wait, you need to report to the tech lab for a new upgradethat was just finished."
"Yes sir!"
John rushed to the tech lab. When he got there he was stunned. The scientists told him they had successfully created an Artificial Intelligence.
"Grettings Commander John, Callsign Prime, I am A.I designation K37Z9Y, would you like to give me a nickname?"
"Hello and yes, your designation is a mouth full. How about Kelly."
"Nickname Kelly accepted and programmed. Now is the appropriate time to intergrate with your central processor, prepare your self."
Now John new why his neural implant had so much storage space, this must have been planned for a very long time. His vision went blank for a moment due to the integration. When he could see again his vision was much sharper.
"Sir we have new armor for you, and before you are allowed to leave we need to test you abilities to see how much Kelly and the new armor boosts them."
"Alright just make it fast."
"Of course sir."
John was amazed by how much Kelly had improved his abilities. Also his armor had apparently been improved with abilities that the A.I. could make use of such as invisibility.
He was warned that the abilities required time to recharge and couldn't be used forever. They also told him that his armor was indestructible and had thrusters for flight or to boost individual limbs in meele combat. He had blades that extended from his wrist and were indestructible like the rest of his armor. Also he had particle beams mounted on his helmet, torso, and wrists and a plasma minigun on each shoulder.
His suit used an experimental energy source, so power cells were no longer needed. Finally, they told him that the armor was symbiotic and if he wore it to long it would integrate with his body.
"That's all for now if Kelly improves your armor she will inform you of it, good luck. Oh and that wasn't a full brief about your armor's abilities just enought for you to check out the anomaly."
John thanked the scientist as he rushed to the airlock. Indestructible huh, that might come in handy.
As the airlock door opened John took one step and drifted into space. He used his thrusters to manuver to the coordinates being relayed to him.
"Nothing unusual that I can see capitan."
There was a pause then the capitan said,"Our sensors aren't faulty there is somthing there."
"Yes sir."
As John flew closer to the coordinates he was getting increased radio interference, and eventually lost contact with the ship.
He was about to turn back when a rift appeared in front of him and swallowed him whole.
He was falling, but how wasn't he just in space?
"Kelly activate thrusters."
"Of course commander. Error systems rebooting after quantum interference be prepared to crash."
"Great. Kelly what is my altitude?"
"Calculating, approximately 13000 meters."
"Relax commander you will survive, this suit can withstand the fall."
"Oh, ok then I better get comfy. Where are we?"
"Earth, commander, but I think a better question is when are we sir."
Earth had been destroyed several millennia ago, so to be here the quantum anomaly must have been a time rift or somthing.
"Can you figure that out?"
"We have landed sir what would you like to do?"
John groaned, even with the suit's indestructibility that still hurt."Engage cloaking Kelly."
John became invisible and waited to see if anyone came to investigate. He heard a rustling and a small boy emerged followed by several children. They were dirty and their clothes were ripped. Then one spoke.
A little girl announced triumpantly, "Hah see it was nothing told ya so."
"Nothing doesn't make a crator the size of a dragon." Replied the one in front, presumably the leader.
John noticed on of the children using a dragon as a size reference, and thought that it was odd since dragons weren't real.
"Hey there are foot prints over here, they look human."
"Yea right Anna, nobody is faster than us."
"Wait, there is only a set going out not one going in."
"Guys we should head back and tell the guards."
That idea was rewarded with agreements and they returned home, not knowing they were being followed by John.
They soon reached a midieval town. The children ran up to the gate and called the guard. He let them in.
"Cloaking running low commander it has to be switched off."
"Dammit, fine ill just hope they just assume ive got some fancy armor then." With that John stepped onto the road.
The guard yelped in suprise and yelled, "Children get inside! Halt stranger wat is your business here."
"Im just looking for a place to stay good sir."
"What in the kings name are you wearing then, it looks like armor but you have no blade."
Kelly then suggested, "Sir just say that you use magic I believe this is a midieval era."
"Very well Kelly," John replied, "I use magic in combat."
"Forgive me but I don't believe you, demonstrate."
John aimed his plasma minigen at a tree and decintigrated it.
"Very well you may enter but dont cause any trouble."
John didn't reply, he just simply walked in town. Kelly advised him to go to a tavern and ask about rumors. John didn't see any reason not to and complied.
As John walked down the street people stayed away from him, probaly due to his armor. He found a tavern and was about to enter when he heard a scream.
All at once a panic arose as the people of the village scrambled for their lives.
Argak (the dragon) loved to watch the tiny village people get scared when he came, but was angered whe he saw one calmly walking along like nothing was wrong. He got closer to the ground and shouted "Human are you not terrified? Why do you not run for you live like the others?"
"I don't fear you because you can not hurt me, dragon."
The dragon laughed at that. This puny human thought he was invincible. He was going to teach him who was the stronger creature here.
The dragon dove and swung his claws at the human but somehow he put his hand up and stopped it.
"What trickery is this, nothing besides a dragon has ever stood up to my blows."
"No trickery dragon, but that was a huge mistake."
John charged straight to the dragons snout using his thrusters and punched the dragon so hard that it was thrown back twenty feet.
This got cheers from the crowd. The dragon's glare silenced them all . Just then the ground in front of the dragon exploded causing the dragon to be thrown back more. This human was very powerful, even more so than that pesky monster hunter Simon.
John then fired his particle beams at the dragon, burning it for the first time in its life.
"Arrrg, what is this pain?"
"That is a burn."
"Impossible my scales are fireproof."
"Obviously not fool, now concede before I destroy you."
The dragom shouted, "Hah good luck catching me human!" Just as he took off.
John took off a moment later to catch the dragon . He caught up to it with no problem then threw the dragon down to the ground. This took the dragon by suprise. This human had quite a few tricks up his sleeve.
John landed next to the dragon and muttered pathetic and started to walk off, when the dragon stopped him.
"Wait human."
" What dragon?"
" Allow me to accompany you to wherever your going."
"And why should I let you?"
" Because I would like to learn more about you, you are an exceptionally rare creature. Not many can even survive a dragon encounter, much less kick ones but."
" Very well but on one condition."
" Name it."
"Tell me your name."
" My name is Argak, human."
"Call me Prime. Lets get moving Argak, we are going to the king." Announced John.
"As you wish Prime."Argak responded less than enthusiastically.
"Is somthing wrong Argak?" John inquired.
Argak responded,"Yes the capitol wont take too kindly too a dragon Prime."
" Then stay hidden until I explain to the king that you are with me. Now let's get moving." John replied as he took off.
Argak was amazed that a human could fly so easily, but took off after him.
After a few hours of flying the capitol was in sight and John told argak to hide until he came back.
John made it to the capitol in a few minutes and decided to land directly in front of the palace. He decided that the king should see his power in the courtyard if he was attacked.
A guard was on patrol when he saw an object flying towards the courtyard, at first he dismissed it as a bird but it quickly grew to the size of a human. He sounded the alarm when it was above the city, it looked to be heading to the palace.
The guards were in the courtyard when the thing landed with a boom and a ten foot dust cloud.
When the dust cleared they saw what looked like a suit of armor. It was pointing some weird lights at the weapons in the guards hands.
That was enough to make some guards charge forward and try to attack. As soon as they started to move their weapons melted into piles of slag at their feet.
The capitan of the guard shouted,"Halt don't attack men, let us talk first." He turned to John and asked,"Why are you here?"
John replied,"I wish to speak to your leader, without storming this place and killing all that get in my way."
The guard replied,"Im sure that can be arranged. Send someone to get our lord."
They waited in silence for the king to come. When the king came he was a boy carrying an ornate sword.
John asked,"Did I not ask for your king. All I see is a boy."
The guards seethed at this. The king sensed their anger and held up a hand to calm them. Then he spoke,"I am King Arthur weilder of excalibur, may I ask yours?"
" I am Commander Prime of the Juggernaut corps." John responded
" So this is who merlin spoke of when he told me of a potentially potent ally or enemy depending on how we treat him." King Arthur observed,"Treat him well for he could destroy our kingdom single handedly, not even excalibur can penatrate his mighty armor."
This drew gasps from the guards, excalibur was supposedly the best sword in existence. If his armor could stop excalibur than he truly was invincible.
John spoke again,"I have defeated a dragon and he now serves me I would like you to allow him into the city."
Again gasps from the guards, the thought of a dragon being beaten into submission was unheard of.
Arthur nodded,"I have some doubt of this let me see him."
"Very well come with me." John replied
They arrived at Argak's hiding spot by night fall. The guards were weary of Argak but Arthur was completly calm.
John noticed Kelly was being extremely quiet and asked about it,"Kelly are you there?"
" Yes John I was just taking some atmospheric measurements. I believe that it is safe for you to take off your helmet if you wish." Kelly answered.
"Mabey later." John decided
King Arthur was wondering what kind of creature Prime was since he hadn't taken off his helmet once. "Prime what are you?"
"What do you mean Arthur?"
Arthur continued,"Well you seem invulnerable and seeing as you havent removed a scrap of armor I dont think you are human."
" Im very much human, just more evolved." John replied.
Arthur was intrigued by this,"What do you mean?"
John was about to answer when Kelly progected a hologram out of John's armor and said,"That's for another time."
This startled the guards who rushed to the king's defence with weapons drawn. "What trickery is this?"
John laughed. Kelly continued, "What is improtant is the exact year, so tell us child king what is the exact year?"
"Five hundred and fifteen."Arthur replied.
"And how long ago did you pull the sword from the stone?" Kelly questioned.
Arthur responded,"Six months ago."
"The knights order hasn't been formed yet has it?" Kelly was seemingly anticipating his answers.
" No" Arthur answered a bit confused,"I told no one of my plan to form the knights, not even merlin. How do you know of them?"
" I have my ways child." Kelly answered smugly. One of the guards snapped right there.
" You will refer to his highness as his highness and nothing less wench!"
" You gunna make me?"
The guard replied, " If I have to!" And moved to strike Kelly down. His sword passed straight through Kelly without any harm, but John was still pissed. This imbecile needed to learn his place.
He used his thrusters to boost right in front of the guard and grab his sword by the blade. He squeezed and shatered the sword like it was glass.
He then shouted,"Learn your place scum!" Right as he launched a palm into the mans breastplate and launching him back thirty feet, and shattering his armor.
Then John made a fist at the man, his arm
in the shape of an "L" and drew electicity straight from the poor man. John stopped before killing him but just barely.
The rest of the party save Kelly were shocked by seeing the electricity.
"Anyone else want to tell me or my friend what to do!?!" John yelled.
The guards tried to form a protective circle around Arthur but John extended his wrist blades.The fight didn't last long for as soon as the blades clashed John's blade cut the others like butter.
" You foolish weaklings, learn you place. You're lucky I didnt just decintigrate you first. Stand down!" John commanded.
"Men we cannot best him, not even merlin can." King Arthur agreed so the guards halted.
Argak was somewhat amused by how easily the guards were dispatched by Prime. He thought of how he was defeated just as easily. It was very disturbing.
Then king Arthur did somthing very suprising, he asked boldly,"Prime since we cannot best would you like to become this kingdoms ally to avoid more needless fighting?" " That depends, would I be a servant in any way to you or your kingdom?"John replied.
" No you would be treated the same as a king from one of the alliance nations." Arthur explained.
John waited some tim after hearing that and said," Ill think about it."
Arthur then said,"So, about your dragon..."
" I am nobody's dragon, I am Prime's traveling companion." Argak replied with indignation. That got Arthur's attention.
" Dragons can speak!?!" Arthur yelped in suprise.
" Of course we can human, did you not know this." Argak asked equally suprised.
"No"Arthur replied,"we thought dragons were mindless beasts."
" Most magical creatures are sentient, child king." Argak continued,"And most don't want to harm humans."
Arthur thought about this for a moment,"So if I were to treat them equal they would stop attacking humans?"
" All but a few..." Argak responded.
As they conversed, John wandered off into the forest. He didn't know where he was but he could easily find the camp. Those at the camp were just as equally surprised except for the few higher up ranks who already got the news from the carrier.
" So this is the great and almighty warrior every one's talking about! Only looks like a simple man in some different armo-" the captain said, that was until Prime stuck his wristblade in his face
" Care to make anymore remarks?" Prime said darkly. The Captain only nodded and gulped then backed away from Prime with a sneer on his face. Prime returned to camp.
" Sir, I must ask you one thing." A commanding officer said, "are you of the convicted, or the blessed?"
Prime wasn't certain of what the officer meant so he remained silent
"Silence! He is of neither golga realms!" Arthur exclaimed in anger.
"Sorry your highness..." the officer said with a kneel
"Forget that question, Prime." The king said
"Ah thank goodness your here milord!" a soldier cried out, "a boy has appeared falling from the sky! What do we do?!?!" They all looked up and saw the boy hurdling toward earth. That must be another of the victims of the rift!, Prime thought
"Kelly show me the exact landing zone of the boy! AND HURRY!!!" Prime ordered
"Yes sir!" Kelly said
Prime's suit jolted into action without he himself needing to move it
"Kelly whats going on?!" Prime asked
"It seems as if we are being pulled to where the boy is landing, sir" Kelly responded
It wasn't long until Prime was drifting in midair due to the pulling force.
The boy landed straight onto Prime. He didn't weigh much but still landed hard enough to know that he was badly injured, "Kelly, give me a reading of his vitals." Prime ordered.
"Yes sir" kelly responded, "his vitals are unstable, I recommend you activate your medical system." Kelly said
"That would be the best choice." Prime said
Prime extended his hand to the child and a glow emanated from his hand. The childs body began to heal. Prime picked him up and started to carry him back to camp.
"I-I can walk now." The child said
"So you are okay then. Where are you from kid?"
" Kelly, search you database for Cybertrix." John commanded.
"Search complete, cybertrix was destroyed by the coalition somwhere in the fifth millennium after earth was destroyed. It was inhabited with advanced tungsten based A.I.'s. The can augment their bodies with any metal object that they come in contact with. The coalition lost most of their forces in that war, be wary of this one."
"How come he didn't assimilate with my armor then?"
"Your armor's outer shell is electrified to prevent that." Kelly replied.
"Good." John replied," Do you have any idea what that pulling force was earlier? "
" No sir."
Somwhere deep in the void, a dark figure commanded a warrior clad in massive armor, " Xar'kesh bring the warrior to me." The dark figure continued,"And make sure that you aren't followed by anything."
"It will be done."
" Go!" The dark figure pointed at a portal that just appeared. The hand that emerged from the cloak wasn't living, it was skeletal, and the other cluched a scythe.
The group was huddled around the campfire, when King arthur sugested that everyone told about their past. The idea was redily accepted by all except argak who just sat there glumly. King Arthur offered to go first.
"Alright," began King Arthur, " I grew up in my uncles keep, I was a squire to his oldest son. A few weeks after my thirteenth birthday the previous king died. The wizard merlin put the sword excalibur in a stone and declared that there be a tournament for all the knights and whoever could pull the sword from the stone would be the next king. Needless to say every knight in the kingdom including my cousin went to london for the games. My cousin was in the middle of a tournament when he called for his sword, but I couldn't find it. When I realised that I had forgotten it at the keep I panicked. I ran off loking for any sword I could find. No one had told me about the sword in the stone so when I pulled it out I didnt think anything of it, but the knights that saw immediately took a knee. When I asked them why they were kneeling, they replied to honor our new king. And thats how I became king."
The storytelling continued until it was Prime's turn, but when it reached him he said," You are not ready to hear my story just yet." This drew complaints from some of the knights until a portal appeared and a massive warrior stepped out.
He pointed to Prime and said ," you will come with me. "
" And what if I refuse?"
" It matters not, you will come for my lord wishes an audience with you." And with that two portals opened up and swallowed both of them.
"Hello Prime. I am death, lord of the void, and I welcome you to my humble abode."
" Why have you brought me here?"
" Because you have sparked my interest, it is well known that only a demon, a divine, or a guardian can defeat a dragon, yet you have done so. I wonder what manner of creature you may be in order to do that, so tell me." Death commanded.
"I am what is known as a cyborg. Half organic half machine. I will live indefinitely, as long as my machine side stays in good repair."
"Interesting," Death commented,"Prime I am about to make you an offer I never made to another being in the universe, I offer to you the chance to become a champion of death. I will grant you power over my realm, and in return you will aid me when ever I require it. What say you?"
" I accept."
" One other thing, I fused your artificial intelligence to your brain. You're now one entity. You may return, tell no one of this."
" Yes lord death."
Prime found himself back among his companions, right at the point in time he vanished. Almost as if time had stopped while he was gone.He concluded that time must have stopped while he was in the void.
"Alright, King Arthur it is time you returned to you castle. Argak and I need to keep moving." Having said that Prime took off, followed closely by Argak.

CHAPTER 2 Vincible
Four years had passed since then, and John had given up hope on ever getting back to his own time. He and Argak parted ways about six months after they left the company of king arthur, and he hadn't heard from anyone he knew since then.
John made a living as a mercenary, and he never lost . In three years his name had spread across the continent of Gardak as Prime the invibcible.
John heard a rustling in the bushes, but dismissed it as an animal. Just then about a dozen robbers popped out of the bushes. Their leader walked up to john and said, "Your stuff, all of it now!"
Right as John was about to kick his face in, a hodded figure rode up on a horse and yelled, "Halt! Put your weapons down."
The leader turned towards the hooded rider and said,"Or what, you gunna hurt me?"
" Yeah probably, so why dont you just turn yourself in befor I have to."
" Like I would be afraid of one person, are you blind its twelve on one, tough guy."
"Yeah I agree it is a little unfair for you." The rider commented nonchalantly.
" Whats that suposed to mean? Oh, you think you can beat us?" The entire group of robbers burst out luahging.
John was going to do somthing but he decided to watch and see what this rider was capable of.
The robber leader stopped once he realised that the rider was serious and said ,"If thats the way you want it then its your funeral. Get 'em boys." All eleven of them rushed the rider at once and knocked him off of his horse.
When he hit the ground four of them had throwing knives sticking out of their throats. He then proceeded to skewering anothe guy on his wristblade.
By now the robbbers were ready for the rider, and formed a circle around him. Luckily Prime hadn't been sitting idly by. He had taken the boss, ripped his throat out and tossed him in the middle of the circle.
" If you want to live then run maggots." Prime roared.Needless to say every one of them scattered like flies.
The hodded rider turned to prime and said,"Hello Prime the invincible, would you like a job?"
" What's the pay?"
The rider tossed a bag of gold on the ground.
"Hah, if I wanted gold I would make it. I work for information."
" Alright fine, there is a cave just north of here that is said to have some great hidden power, but no one can get to it. It is guarded by an ainchient warrior that is said to be invincible. But you might be able to beat him."
"Alright what is the job?" Prime asked.
"We need you for a journey. You will be protecting princess Azura of Whitehelm on her pilgramage."
" Alright I'll be in Whitehelm after I defeat the ancient invincible warrior."
" Very well we will depart from Whitehelm when you arrive." With that they parted ways, Prime to defeat an ancient warrior and the hooded rider to report to Whitehelm.
Prime strode up to the cave's entrance. Warning signs had been placed to ward off unwary travelers, saying thing like turn back or death ahead. Prime laughed, this would be a peice of cake.
He entered the cave, and the first thing he noticed was the sound of machinery.
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