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A list of short stories on WDC that are polished works, veritable diamonds in the rough
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A comprehensive (or soon to be) compilation of the best short stories I've come across on this site

As of right now I am currently reading material for the list: if you have a story, or know of a story on this site that you believe is worth considerable praise, please send it to me via e-mail in a b-item link.

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Here's what this page is about:

This is not your average contest. If anything, its more like a growing collection or anthology. Once stories make it on the list, they do not come off except by request of the author or if the link goes dead.

The purpose of this page is to create a list of short stories from this site that meet a high standard of literary talent and are worthy of praise and appreciation. It is for stories that are completed, polished, and, in my personal opinion, both ready and eligible for publication somewhere. I hope in the future this list will provide a useful resource to the readers of WDC who wish to see some of the best short stories this site has helped foster.

Want to Submit?
- Simply send me the link in b-item format
- Please only send me short stories, meaning less than 9,000 words in this case. Novel chapters (unless they stand alone) are not acceptable.
- All genre's are acceptable, but it is unlikely that anything unnecessarily graphic in nature will be accepted, so please keep it 18+ or less.
- Make sure your stories are finished (in the aesthetic and stylistic sense). This is a list for polished stories. Pretend like you're submitting to a literary magazine.
- please just submit one story at a time. I'll get back to you with a review in the following week or so.

Warning: If your story does not get accepted, please to not assume it is an irredeemable event or indicative of a lack of talent. There are a variety of reasons I may not accept a story, and many of them are small. If, for example, the story's tone is (in my opinion) irregular or incomplete, or if there are a couple lapses in story logic, I may not allow a very compelling story onto this list. Author's can resubmit the same story after further editing three times.

The List

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#1957871 by Not Available.

Synopsis: Terrifying, fascinating, and containing a tone throughout that compels the reader to delve deeper into the unfamiliar and dark world of Ginger Scot, AKA Daisy Chains.

 Riding Lady Winter  (ASR)
A little girl finds a piece of home on an alien planet.
#1946843 by Graham B.

Synopsis: In a deep corner of space, a two scientists study a new planet consisting entirely of snow, or at least a snow-like substance. Meanwhile, their young daughter dreams of home. A gripping sci-fi short, one part science, one part fantasy, and one part horror.

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