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A story of love, sad endings. Reflection on the past
There's nothing quiet like a sunrise. I wake up early every morning just to get a glimpse of it. The orange-yellow replacing the pitch black, it reminded me of life. How easy it is to lose, how valuable it really is...

Ruby rose from the hill where she had been sitting. "You always loved a sunrise. You were such an adventurous, happy man. Your life, to end the way it did was never expected..." Ruby whispered to the grave which stood in front of her. She still couldn't comprehend the events of three weeks ago.

It was like any normal Monday morning. The sun blaring through her window giving her an enormous headache, she had intended to buy curtains but never found the time. She lived on campus; she was a University student at the time. She told me of regretting the campus life, University was hard enough but the campus life made it at least ten times harder. She woke to her alarm, as usual. She told me every morning she pulled on some casual clothes and studied. She studied a lot more this time though, exams were coming up. She tells me the time was 12pm exactly, she could never forget it, never forget the text she received.

To: Ruby Elizabeth

From: Daniel Thornton

This has been a long time coming...I love you, as any boyfriend should and you should see what I am doing as a great service. I'm setting you free...This isn't your fault, it never has been, never will be. We have to break up...I'm truly sorry but this is the way it has to be. I'm giving you the days, the ones you wouldn't have if I were to still be with you. I know what I'm about to ask is wack but I need you to do a big favour for me...Please come to my apartment. I want you to be the first to see, please...

She told me of the fury that flowed through her "He broke up with me!" She screamed to no one in particular. She didn't hesitate, didn't even think of hesitation. There was never a doubt in her mind. Of course she would go to his apartment, she owed him that. They had been together for four years; she still loved him, cared for him. She wasn't going to take this, it all seemed so odd...everything he said. She wanted him, the thought that he had just broke up with him hadn't even begun to sink in yet.

A sharp pain jabbed her as she ran towards her car. "There was a pain at the very bottom of my heart. A pain only Daniel could trigger." She told me this with such passion I was speechless. She jumped in the car and raced to his apartment. "I cursed at every red light I hit, which seemed to be everyone." She muttered. Ruby felt like the 15minute drive had taken an eternity. She slammed the brakes skidding to a stop. She took a deep breath and noticed that her hands were shaking, a lot. She stepped out of her car and advanced towards the apartment.

She told me of entering, the emptiness. The second she walked in she knew there was something deadly wrong..."No! Please, please! NO!" She cried outcrying as she stared through tearful eyes at the bloody blades scattered all over the floor. 'Daniel!' She screamed that she told me, for at least two minutes. "My heart skipped a beat, several actually. I thought the worst but none of that mattered I needed to find Daniel. I had to make sure she was ok. My heart sank when I entered the bathroom. Even now the pain comes when I speak of this...the feeling tore me apart, I screamed his name over and over again. Why did he have to leave! He did it I tell you! I would never do that! I walked in, he was face down in the bath in his own pool of blood...I tried to help him. CPR, everything!"

Dear Ruby,

If you have found this letter hopefully you have found me. Thank you for doing the favour I asked of you. I'm going to keep this short...I have cancer and I know I'm going to die soon anyway so I'm just making my death quicker and have less pain. I love you but I want you to find love after I'm gone.

Love always, Daniel

"I couldn't go on...I dropped the letter into the pool of blood, my hands dripping        with it. I rang the police told them everything. I couldn't show the note though, that's probably why they didn't believe me..."

I'm Harrison Thornton, son of Daniel Thornton. My father committed suicide without knowing I existed, maybe if he knew...he would be here. Ruby is my mother, the teller, author of what I have just told you. Everyone has it wrong; my father wasn't murdered by my mother. Never, ever should any of you believe that! I never go to meet him but I know he loved me. My mother I can meet in prison on rare occasions...Life sentence for a crime she didn't commit! It was on that hill, crying over her boyfriend's grave she was taken away her freedom lost...Every morning I wake early, before the sun rises I sit on the hill and watch the sunrise because there's nothing quiet like a sunrise.


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