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The gypsies have an evil scheme planned for Megan and Jennifer.
Calin and Manolito quietly left to go Paris. They couldn't let their mother know they hadn't left for England. If Miles and Bradley caught them, they would be in trouble. They had horses around the corner behind a barn and they mounted up on them and left but they would be at the ball to kidnap Megan and Jennifer..

Megan and Jennifer walked upstairs to their rooms.

"I didn't know about the ball. We have to be on good behavior. I bet no one speaks English." Megan sighed.

"We should be glad. If I say a bad word, they won't understand."

"My virgin ears." Megan put her hands over her ears,

"Virgin nothing. I hope the ball goes well. I hope they dance like they do in England."

"I guess we will find out."

Caroline sat in her red velvet chair and rang for Denise the maid who arrived promptly. "I would like a cup of tea."

Denise went to get Caroline a cup of tea.

"You know that wolf was protective of Megan. Like he was her pet." Caroline tried to wrap her head around this.

"Megan has a way with animals. She once rescued a goat that came to a ball we went to. Men wanted to shoot it but Megan took it home." Miles admired Megan.

"Loving animals isn't a crime. My dogs love her and Jennifer. A wolf in France? Unheard of." Caroline drank her tea. It was more for her nerves then for thirst.

Megan looked in her closet. She found a teal dress that was long with an empire waist and would give her breasts a lift. It was low cut but appropriate. A pearl and diamond necklace would set it off nicely. She would wear a tiara. Perfect.

Jennifer decided to wear a new pink dress that was low cute but appropriate. It had pleats and empire waist and flaired out. She was going to wear a rose cameo choker and a tiara.

Dinner was served and Megan and Jennifer enjoyed the roast dinner. Caroline chatted about the Brouchard family and how they gave the best balls. At least she had quit talking about the wolf. She was worried about Rachael. Megan rolled her eyes. She was ready to go back to England.

Miles asked Megan if she was alright. She patted his hand and said she was.

Jennifer was dying for a smoke and she whispered this to Bradley. He and Jennifer excused themselves and went out behind the guest house to smoke.

Bradley noticed an empty bottle of whiskey by the window at the back of the house.

"Jennifer, Dear, have you and Megan been tipping the bottle?"

"No, we haven't. Megan and I have been perfect ladies. I swear it."

"Might have been Rachael's. Rachael had a drinking problem."

Jennifer smoked her cigarette. She knew where the empty bottle came from. Calin and Manolito. She had an uneasy feeling.

After Jennifer smoked her cigarette, Bradley took Jennifer in his arms and kissed her and took her into the guest home. They slowly made love. They both needed this.

Megan went into the library to read a book. Miles had some papers about the textiles that he had to go over and be sure that they were in all order. His father depended on him to close the deals in France and make sure that they were profitable.

Caroline retired early due to a headache. Bradley and Jennifer came back and Megan knew what had conspired between them. Miles and Bradley had a drink in the study.

"I think our gypsy friends were here. There was an empty bottle of whiskey by the back window of the house. I got a feeling that they will be at the ball tomorrow night. You know we should shoot them. I wish that they would find girlfriends."

"I know. Me, too. I think we had better not go outside at the ball tomorrow night."

"I think you are right. After Bradley and being together tonight, I have missed our love making and I really do love him."

"I know you do."

Megan and Jennifer felt uneasy as they went to bed. Megan pushed a chair in front of her door and Jennifer did the same. Luckily, they had no bad dreams.

The next morning, Megan and Jennifer had breakfast alone. Bradley and Miles had business matters to discuss. Caroline was visiting a sick friend. Megan and Jennifer were bored but looking forward to the ball. Megan and Jennifer got their clothes and accessories out for the ball. Before they knew it, it was lunch time. Bradley and Miles joined them for lunch as did Bradley's father.

"Will anyone speak English at the ball tonight?" asked Megan.

"A few people. If anyone asks you to dance, he will hold his hand and lead you to the dance floor." Bradley answered.

"Your mother wants to announce our engagements tonight."

"She loves you and Megan and Miles. She is happy for us." Bradley kissed Jennifer's cheek.

Ginger bought in a strawberry pie and it was enjoyed by all except Megan. She didn't like pie.

After lunch, Megan went to her room. She looked over the dress and the accessories she had picked out. She had made the right choices. Jennifer agreed. Megan liked what Jennifer had chosen.

Megan and Jennifer went downstairs. It would soon be time to get dressed. Miles was in the library and Megan went in the library and she sat on Miles lap and they kissed.

"What is this about?" Miles asked.

"I haven't had a chance to do this. You are lucky I am not taking off your clothes."

"I wish you would." Miles hugged and kissed Megan. They needed time for them.

Miles got up and locked the door. He and Megan made love and no one disturbed them. Megan couldn't have been happier.

It was time to get ready for the ball. No one saw Megan and Miles come out of the library.

Megan got all dressed as did Jennifer. Miles thought Megan never looked more beautiful and Bradley thought the same as Jennifer.

Caroline wore a sea green dress that wasn't low cut but it was pretty. She told Megan and Jennifer that they looked lovely. The men looked dashing in their suits and Megan and Jennifer realized how much they had missed balls.

The couples got in the carriage and it only took a half hour to get to the Brouchards Ball. Miles and Bradley discussed business. The carriage arrived and the house looked like a castle. Megan thought it could have been Marie Anotinette's castle. The inside was fancy decorated in blue. There were blue birds and castles on the walls. Hurricane lamps, cherry furniture and crystal dishes lined the curio cabinet.

Caroline introduced Megan and Jennifer to the Brouchards and they spoke a little English. They were a Count and Countess. Megan and Jennifer curtsied and the Brouchards told them there was no need for that.

Miles held Megan's hand and she and Jennifer saw French soldiers. Manolito and Calin wore white powdered wigs but Jennifer and Megan recognized them. They gasped. Just then two horses ran into the house and Manolito grabbed Megan and Calin grabbed Jennifer and put them on the horses as fog and mist appeared and no one could se anything. The horses had run into the woods with Manolito and Megan on one horse and Calin and Jennifer on the other. These gypsies were good. The woods were dark and spooky and Megan and Jennifer felt like they were in the Black Forest. Caravan wagons were near by and the men put the women in them. A wolf howled near by and it thundered and lightning flashed. Megan thought.DO THESE GUYS CONTROL THE WEATHER? Kidnapped by Gypsies again!"

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