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In character by Ceres, living in SWG, thinking about me, living IRL in the MWG
This was written in character by ceres, living in SWG, thinking about me, living in real life in the MWG: Milky Way Galaxy... hehe.

Ceres' poem, contemplating his player in the MWG game:

I am told that every man is a superman in his dreams.
If we are who we wish to be, am I your dream?
Or is it I who sleeps to dream you?

Relative Worth:

What are we really? Bits n pieces of information?
Ones and zero's. The presence or absence of an electron?

Well, if so, then we are the same as our player, nearly nothing. Let me explain, while I drink this finely aged Corellian Reserve and you take a few stiff belts of your rum. Brace yourself, you may need them.

Silicon is the most abundant resource in your world in the MWG game. Actually creating the components and software, maintaining all of that costs far more that the small amount of silicon storage space and bit of energy that I actually am made of.

My player pays $15 a month directly, to keep me alive. Actually, to give me life he put out $30 one time. He pays for a cable modem at $45 per month, to connect the datapad he uses to interact with my reality from his primitive world. Ah, that datapad is another $100 per month.

When he sleeps I am in his dreams. I know the truth. the truth he has hidden from all in your simple world. He does use these devices for some idiotic non-hunting "profession", but the truth! Ha!

Honestly, he bought the data pad, and the cable, and the account, and the box which contained the seed of my reality... he bought them all just for me. To give ME life. He values me at $160 dollars per month, apparently.

What is he worth to me? Well... I am not as emotional about such things as he. I am a professional hunter, and so give and take life more easily than he...

Simple business calculations and applied science reveals what you are made of. An MWG body is merely a couple dollars worth of cheap, mixed resources, animated by some electrons (ah!) zipping around certain circuits and (AHA!) programs... with a touch of the force as well.

Isn't that the same as my reality? My creator calls himself my "player" and refers to "the server" where I am real? To him I am made up of electrical potentials stored and flowing through its resources and programs.

So we are the same, by his own definition!!

Relative Worth? I am more valuable that he, by FAR!

I was standing right there watching when he nearly made a fatal mistake. Fatal to me. I can't let this happen again. I will defend myself and my family, my beautiful wife and son, at all costs!

While accessing my reality, he nearly hit the delete button. Instead of waking me up to roam around for his entertainment (which I resent by the way), he nearly killed me. Forever. Erased me from this galaxy. Terminated my life. Carelessly.

This is inexcusable! I can't allow that possibility. My family will have my protection, even from my creator, as now needed.

And so, I access now his mind, the "wetware" programs flowing through the mushy resources of his brain.... and I return the favor.

Good bye, to all you MWG "players". Heh, heh. I will see your "avatars" around in my reality, so you will still see me about... Until I teach them all how to do this to you...

/delete <player>

<transmitter terminated>







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