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My audition for round two of CLASH! Original Character Tournament.

The Basic Facts

Name: Alexea Tong

Pronunciation: AH-LEK-SEE-AH TAHNG

Age: 26

City or Area of Birth: On a space station in the inner orbit of the planet Tallyus

Sex: Female

Skin: Brown Ochre

Race: Human

Height: 5’8

Weight: 110 lbs

Hair: Perfectly straight, spotless pearl white hair.

Eyes: The pale purple of hydrangeas.

Clothes: Tight black catsuit

Marriage Status: Single and in no way is going to let some male get in her way.

Sexual Orientation: Female

Occupation: Complicated. She works as an ambassador to neighboring planets, but in reality she works to her own benefit, manipulating the relations between Tallyus and other planets.

Fighting Ability: Extremely excellent.

Magical Ability: Nothing magic, but there are rumors she made a deal with a worker of dark magic to stay alive until her mission is complete.

Familial Relations

Father: Matticus Tong

Living/Deceased: Deceased

Occupation of Father: Space Environmentalist

Mother: Julianna Tong

Living/Deceased: Deceased

Parental Marriage Status: Well, they’re married, but they’re both dead.

Occupation of Mother: Senator of the Tallyan Council..

Sister(s): Bria Tong

Age(s): 26

Living/Deceased: Deceased.

Marriage Status: Unwed and dead

Brother(s): None

Age(s): N/A

Living/Deceased: N/A

Marriage Status: N/A

Aunt(s), Uncle(s), Cousin(s), etc: One aunt: Tishira Levani. Mother’s older sister. When Alexea and Bria were orphaned at a young age, their aunt took them in and raised them. Now, twenty-five years later, the sixty-five-year-old Tishira suffers from a form of dementia. Caused by a brain injury when she was younger, Tishira suffers from frequent short-term memory loss, leaving her unequipped to support herself. Alexea still lives with Tishira and uses her money made as an ambassador to support her.

Other Family Occupations: Tishira was a botanist until she began to lose her memory.

Relationships with Others

Current Lover/Spouse: None.

Best Friend(s): She doesn’t have time for friends.

Past Love(s)/Spouse(s): None.

Worst Enemy: Marisol Gallea, the head recruiter for the Tallyan Interspace Spy Force (TISF)

Allies: Likolo Wertz (the ambassador of the planet Gorion). Probably the closest thing she has to a friend.

Ability to Make New Friends: None. Due to traumatic experiences during high school, being endlessly bullied and tormented by the other girls, which drove her and Bria to go to Marisol, and the resulting action… Alexea cannot socialize with anyone without horrific flashbacks.

Other People of Note in Character's Life: Qorella the voodoo queen of Tallyus.

Reason Why They are Noteworthy: After Bria’s death, Alexea swore to commit her life to causing the government of Tallyus to crumble to the ground. To ensure she would live long enough to do so, she went to Qorella and had the voodoo queen tie her life force to a piece of wood. Qorella swore that the wood would not be destroyed before she had completed her mission. Alexea left the wood in Qorella’s care.


Where Raised: Raised in the home of her aunt Tishira, in the city of Po

Family Background: Alexea’s parents met in high school, through Tishira, actually. Matticus was studying environmental sciences, as was Tishira. Tishira was impressed with Matticus, and introduced him to Julianna. They were soon married and spent several years in wedded bliss. Matticus became a Space Environmentalist, Julianna became a politician, eventually rising to the rank of Senator. When Julianna was thirty-five, she gave birth to twins, Bria and Alexea, while on an experiment with Matticus. After the birth of the twins, Julianna took a year-long furlough from politics. When she went back to the Council, she was ordered to go to the planet Zols as an emergency diplomat. However, Zols obliterated the ambassador’s ship, (carrying both Julianna and Matticus) killing everyone inside. The twins had been left in the care of Tishira. After the death of their parents, Tishira adopted them. They lived in relative happiness until the twins hit high school.

Psych Profile

Greatest Joy: Causing mayhem in the inner circles of Tallyan government.

Greatest Trauma: In high school, both Bria and Alexea were brutally teased. The teasing got worse and worse, to the point where both girls had to have three counseling sessions per week. Tishira could no longer pay for counseling sessions, so the girls both looked for other options. Alexea discovered a file filled with her mother’s government contact information. Using this, she came into contact with Marisol Gallea. During a recruit interview with both girls, Marisol killed Bria to demonstrate to Alexea how evil the world was. Alexea cracked. It was then that she decided to destroy Tallyan government. However, she accepted a job in the TISF, deciding that it would be easiest to destroy the government from the inside. She eventually rose to role of ambassador.

Morals: Alexea’s moral code is peculiar. She tries her best to be good, but there is nothing she will not stoop to if she thinks it will help her cause. Lying, stealing, manipulating, even murder are acceptable to her if it will cause the foundation of the government to crumble.

Ambitions: She wishes to destroy Tallyan government. Strangely, she does not wish to set up a new one, just destroy the old one. One of her other life goals is to kill Marisol Gallea. She also wishes to make each of those girls who teased her in high school pay. And obliterate Zols.

Positive Personality Traits: Determined, clever, agile, ruthless.

Negative Personality Traits: Arrogant, desperate, bitter, has trouble keeping temper

Mannerisms: When not causing mayhem, Alexea is viewed as quiet and sullen. She only talks when the situation demands it. She’s more comfortable listening than speaking.

Fears, Anxieties: Her one fear is for Tishira. She loves Tishira more than anything else; she is the only family Alexea has left. Her biggest fear is the death of Tishira. She will be left by herself once Tishira is gone.

Temperament: She keeps her temper while with Tallyan government people, but in other non-government related situations she flies into a rage very easily. She’s also pretty emotionally unstable.

Feelings Toward Friends: She’ll defend her friends (if she had any), but make no mistake, if she thinks it will help her cause, no one is safe.

Feelings Toward Strangers of the Same Sex: She hates them all.

Feelings Toward Strangers of the Opposite Sex: She thinks they have some potential use, but consider most of them very petty.

Feelings Towards Enemies: They’re as good as dead.

Special thanks to Wannabe and Tehuti, Lord Of The Eight for the guidelines I used to create this.



Alexea laughed as she clinked wine glasses with Likolo Wertz. “Cheers!”

The dark-skinned ambassador of Golion smiled. “Cheers!”

Alexea took a big swig of her wine. They sat in a secluded negotiating room where none could hear as they connived against their planets. A large television screen was mounted on the wall, turned off. Likolo poured himself another glass of wine and went on.

“What did Tallyus send you here for again?”

Alexea rolled her eyes to conceal her anger at the mention of her home planet. “They want me to ‘keep the peace between our two planets.’”

“So, you want me to tell the king of Golion to declare war?”

“You read my mind,” Alexea smiled.

“We might as well throw Zols into the fray as well,” Likolo frowned. Alexea nodded bitterly. It was a Zolsi laser cannon that killed her parents, twenty-six years ago, when she was a baby. The same blast had taken Likolo’s daughter. Their mutual hatred for the planet Zols was what had originally made the two friends. Alexea had in a way adopted Likolo as a father figure in her life. He was seventy-five, almost ten years older than her father would be. But, when you were an orphan raised by your aunt, you made do with what you had.

Likolo also sympathized with her hatred of her home planet’s government. She did not know this, but Likolo had emotionally adopted Alexea as a replacement daughter. He wanted to help avenge her sister’s death, even if that meant betraying his own nation.

It was at that moment the screen flashed on. “Is that…” Likolo trailed off.

“Hello! I’m Ja Domumen!”

“Yep,” Alexea nodded. Domumen was the most brilliant criminal in the galaxy. Alexea strived to be as cunning and able to cause mayhem as he. She had even helped him a couple of times with his jobs, when he had come to Tallyus’s spy base.

They listened intently to the message. When the screen clicked off, Alexea turned to Likolo.

“You know what this means, don’t you?”

Likolo gave a malicious grin. “Vengeance.”

“We can destroy Zols and force EVERYONE who has ever worked for the Tallyan government into exile. And then destroy the exiled planet!” Alexea stood up and set down her wine.

“I’m going!”

Likolo stood up. “Me too!”

Alexea stopped. “No way, old man! You’re too old for this. Plus, you know I have trust issues.”

Likolo looked slightly offended at the revelation that Alexea still did not trust him. Alexea was too absorbed in her plans to notice.

“My space bike is the fastest model possible. It was issued by the Tallyan government. It’ll work like a charm in the race.”

“Alexea,” Likolo began.

“I’ll get there, do whatever it takes to win, and then we can finally have vengeance.”

“Alexea!” Likolo exclaimed.

“What?” Alexea demanded, annoyed at being shaken out of her thoughts.

“What of the Tallyan government? What of your aunt?”

Alexea paused. She had completely forgotten about Tishira. If she went on a covert mission without Tallyus’s approval, Tishira would suffer the consequences.

“Likolo, you delay them. Tell them we’re still negotiating. Send someone we can trust in to get Tishira out before they realize I’m in the race.

Likolo nodded. “I’ll send my nephew, Arius.”

Alexea hugged Likolo, which took them both by surprise. Then, she dashed out the door. She made her way out of the embassy, babbling some excuse about getting some takeout, as negotiations would be running late. She had been watching the receptionist and knew that her shift was almost over, and the new receptionist would never know she had left.

The bustling streets of unfamiliar Ryton only served to infuriate Alexea. She should have asked Likolo for a map to the space port! Finally, she surrendered her pride and got on a hover-bus.

“Excuse me; does this bus go to the space port?” Alexea asked, suppressing her anger and dripping her voice in false sweetness.

“Yep,” the driver grunted. “Third stop.”

Alexea smiled sweetly and sat down. The first stop tested her patience; the second stop had her nearly boiling, and when they made it to the third stop she actually knocked over an old woman. “Move, you insolent fool!”

She ducked into the silver space port before anyone could catch her. She dashed through the metal detectors and set them off, but didn’t care. She was yelled at to stop in three different languages.

Breathless, she reached her space bike. It was the same purple as her eyes and worked on all terrains. She quickly started up the engine, and turned to the logging console. A quick punch destroyed any records she was there.

“Stop, ma’am, stop!” an approaching guard yelled. Alexea slipped on a helmet, gloves, and air tank, made a rude gesture, and sped off.

Once safely away from the orange of Golion, she paused and floated in space a bit. She had several hours’ worth of air in her tank, and her bodysuit doubled as a space suit. She turned her attention to the navigating system on her bike. The planet Domumen dubbed Toby was a terrible one, filled with thick swamp, dense jungle, and the driest of deserts. Its true name was Niagamemnestraesalus 14214. Toby was a better name for it. A pleasant voice spoke through her helmet.

“Arriving at destination in eight hours and forty-one minutes.”

Alexea passed several planets on her way to Toby. The blue of Tristareen, the yellow of Zols, the green of Tallyus. Finally, the large, gray orb came into view. It may have looked serene, but it also seemed putrid and disgusting. A long line of spacecraft led to a station orbiting the planet. It had only been eight hours, yet the line almost wrapped around the entire planet.

Alexea muttered and obscenity. “I’ll never make it in this line.” An idea formed in her head. Her top-of-the-line space bike had a cloaking device installed on it. One push of a button, and she blended into the spacescape marvelously.

Slowly, as to not allow the making of noise, Alexea crept her bike up the line. As she observed, the spacecraft were admitted one at a time. An even better plan formed in her head. She stalled next to the first craft in line. As soon as the gates of the port creaked open, she rode in side-by-side with the woman next to her. As soon as both crafts bumped against the dock, Alexea pushed the button to turn off the cloaking device. Both the dock manager and the woman next to her uttered a cry of surprise. Alexea jumped off of her bike and walked shamelessly into the air lock, the woman that had come in with her close behind.

When they got on the inside of the station, they both removed their helmets. Alexea was shocked to see periwinkle waves fall down the other woman’s back. She knew this woman. Gula Streiss, the chief tormentor of Alexea in her high school days. Alexea resisted the instant urge to snap her neck. “Patience,” she muttered.

Domumen himself sat at the sign-up table with two other men.

“Two of you?” he mused. “Did you come together?”

“No,” both said at the same time. “She snuck in with me at the same time!” Gula exclaimed in her typical, arrogant voice. “Disqualify her!”

“Now, now, miss,” Domumen seemed genuinely amused. “We won’t disqualify her just yet. We like people who break the rules.”

Gula looked like she wanted to slap Alexea. Alexea contained her rage, and smiled sweetly at Domumen. “Thanks!”

“Now, both of you fill out an application, and we’ll see if either of you make it to the physical challenge.”

Alexea took an application and began filling it out, careful not to let Gula see her name. Gula had not yet recognized her and she wanted to keep her anonymity for as long as possible. The application was basically a waiver saying that the applicant relinquished all rights to Domumen and Domumen would not be responsible for any deaths or injuries during the race. Alexea signed it quickly, filled out the basic information, and turned it in. Gula turned hers in at the same time.

“Excellent!” Domumen said. “Now, both of you wait in the sitting room while we review your applications.”

The two made their way to the sitting room. Gula seemed to have dispensed her earlier arrogance and held out her hand. “Hi! I’m Gula Streiss. You look familiar. Have we met?”

Although Gula’s voice was beguilingly sweet, Alexea knew that she was rotten to the core. If they both made it in the race, Alexea would personally make sure Gula died.

“I don’t believe so,” Alexea said quietly. There was awkward silence between the two for about five minutes before Domumen came in.

“Ladies, you both look excellent on paper. Congratulations, you have both made it to the physical challenge!”

Gula clapped and Alexea nodded.

“Unfortunately, only one of you will be allowed into the race. Follow me, please.”

Domumen went through another door, motioning for Alexea and Gula to follow. Gula gave an arrogant glare to Alexea, losing all sweetness.

The room behind the door was white, and filled with sharp objects. There were two clear pathways, interrupted with pits and swinging blades. Alexea took a look in one of the pits and saw that they were filled with knives as well.

Domumen stepped on a platform. It raised him up and took him to the other side of the room.

“The first one to reach me gets to race. Go!”

Gula shoved Alexea aside and dashed down one path. Alexea darted through the second path. She flipped over the first pit and paused for a second to allow a swinging blade to pass. She vaulted over more pits and ducked under spinning blades. She wished she could see how Gula was doing, but there was a wall with knives sticking out of it between them.

Alexea was nearly finished when a knife popped out of the floor. She dodged it, but tripped in the process. A victorious yell came from Gula.


Alexea stood up. “No!”

Summoning all of her strength, she yanked a knife off of the wall. She grabbed the final swinging anvil and swung. The anvil flung her over the wall, to where Gula was standing in front of Domumen. Brandishing the knife, Alexea directed herself towards Gula. She landed on Gula with a thud.

Gula twisted her face towards Alexea. “Hi, I’m Alexea Tong. Remember me?”

Gula’s eyes widened. “Alexea! I’m sor…”

Alexea slit Gula’s throat before she could even finish begging for mercy. Blood spattered on Alexea’s face. She looked up at Domumen, who had been observing intently the whole time.

No emotion was shown on his face for a moment. Then, he began to slowly clap. The clapping sped up. “Bravo! Bravo!”

Alexea stood up. “Does this mean?”

“Your fierce anger and ruthless cunning, plus your agility and desperation make you exactly what we are looking for. Welcome to the race!”

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