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These are suggestions for editng "Noteworthy Bipolars"--a list of bipolar celebrities.

(14. Editing Notes for 'Noteworthy Bipolars')

I received this list of suggestions, as I am about to go back, edit organized thoughts, cut the word clutter--one part of writing that is difficult for me.

But I've put this off long enough. My life as been busy, but my book project must move forward. I am editing about 30 essays and 40 poems. I must cull, sift, mold my word choice, and listen to my author's voice. It's been over six months since I've worked on my book. Bipolar Daydreams Previous confusion, while trying to organize for actual publication, moved me to a bad writer's block. I think I'm ready to write again,

This page of suggestions is from a fellow WDC writer. What she says makes sense. So, I'm storing her suggestions as an item, so I won't forget I have an early stage of the final edit.

Patrice,13th, October 2013

Aww, glad the badge made you so happy! Hmm, your concept does sound like an awful big job! Again though I wanted to thank you for doing all this work. It's really awesome.

On the bar above when you write (anything really on WDC) there's a bunch of stuff to use
as in links to bold, underline, etc..

If you hit the question mark one right next to the emoticons it opens a list of a bunch of other stuff

how to quote,
add footnotes, etc. .

Ideas to help make it more clear

1.) I think you should either bold or italic the names, whichever one you think looks better, instead of underlining them. Perhaps underline books, or "quote" them.

2.) Add a space between the paragraphs about the person and the links, so it's easier to read.

3.) Perhaps bullet point or number them so that it's, yes, easier to read. Otherwise it goes from celebrity to celebrity, and especially with the one's you don't have any info about it can get a little confusing.

4.) I don't think you need to italic the information. It gets to be a little to much for the eyeballs.

5.) This could be totally useless but you could perhaps arrange them
which categories? alphabetically to make it easier to find and also make more sense instead of it just jumping from actors to president ooh! OR you could arrange them in categories. I like this one better... so you can have-

list, list, list

list, list, list

Sports Figures

etc, so that it is more uniform.

Write On!
Jo Jo

Many thanks to JoJo.

Here's a link to the article to be edited:

Noteworthy Bipolars  (13+)
These bipolars are more commonly known for their positive contributions to society.
#752707 by a Sunflower in Texas

If you'd like to follow my editing, and make suggestions, I'm always ready to hear from you.

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