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The story of what happened in the year 2022
Gonzo Diary

Day 1

    I don't really know where I'm going with this. Let me say that right off the bat. All I can do is Simply report on these things now, as I slowly watch this world go more insane each second of every day.
  I mean, just imagine the insanity of it all. Because you guys are killing a bunch of other of you same guys, we're gonna have to come on over to your country, and kill you guys for killing your guys. Why? Because we're the moral coil of this world, remember? Even though we're morally and sexually deviant from the rest of you all, our might makes it all right. Are you still with me so far?
  Don't worry. I don't hate this place. I just hate what all it's become. The place where wrong is right, and doing what's right is wrong.
  Is this the shit my dad fought WWII for? Is this supposed to be "the better life"?
  But I digress.....
  I gotta get some sleep folks. And in this godforsaken year of 2022, there is only one way to do that anymore.
  See ya in the astral realm.....

Gonzo Diary

Day 2

  Sluggish today. Almost got caught. Teeter got it yesterday. They just......no, I'm getting ahead of myself......
  What if I told you we ended up this way because of a child? Isn't that what all the old books used to say? They shall be led by a child. And it was a child that started this whole mess; a child that still remains nameless.
  It was a little girl. A very very SMART little girl. She was only eight when she heard Dr. Hawkings talk in his computer voice about transdimensional gateways. It was her that turned Dr. Hawkings into "Screaming Jay" Hawkings, because she gave him an idea that he just couldn't let go.
  She wrote, in her little girl hand, that Mommy said you couldn't fold a sheet of paper more than thirteen times; but if you could, say, fold the sheet FOURTY times, at what point, in theory, would an transdimensional gateway be opened into this world?
  And that was it. Just one very simple little question. From one very SMART little girl.
  It was said that, when Dr. Hawkings first had this letter read to him, his eyes actually seemed to glow. At least, that's what his assistant claimed, just before he died in a Quonset hut, projectile blood shooting out of his eyes and his ears and his nose and his mouth.
  Wait. I gotta go.
  Maybe there will be a "stardate supplemental" Later, as Major Kirk used to say......

Gonzo Diary

Day 3

  I know that I should actually finish the story about Professor "Screaming Jay" Hawkings from last night, but the reason why I had to go is I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. Pulling my sank-gun, I walked towards the corner of my room. Where I saw a shadow.
  The shadows turned out to be a child. A little child. And it was me. When I was eight.
  I was standing there, and I started crying over seeing me as a child, who was standing there; and while he stood there, I saw that he was also crying, crying over seeing me as an adult; his little arms held out as if in supplication; it was as if, by the tilt of his head, he was asking me why.
  Hold on. Let me regain composure.....

  After a while, I had fallen to my knees, sobbing uncontrollably, and I was holding out my arms to the child that I once were; the child seemed at the last moment to sniff back his tears; he put his arms down to his side. Looking at me with such infinite sadness that only a child who had lost all hope could give, he slowly started to shake his head sadly, before he faded from view.

  When I was a child, I thought as a child, I acted like a child, I even spoke like a child; but when I became a man, I put away my childish ways.

  Or did I?

  I look around me, and I see our children, forced to grow up and become adults right before our very eyes by this twisted, wared society; their music, TV, the school even; all telling them and teaching them that they are adults already. Our children without the truth of life's reality; they are taught that good sex is true love; that there is no consequences whatsoever for the choices that they make. Such sad.....wise.....children.....
  With no joy of the knowledge of just being a child.
  Or acting like a child.
  Or even thinking like a child.
  Please, God, please forgive us all......

Gonzo Diary

Day 4

  Once again, I'm having to put off how "Screaming Jay" Hawkings help initiatthe way things currently are; with his magnificent brain, how he help to create the thing we're in now. But more about him later.
  If the truth be told, we, as a collective people, we ALLOWED this to happen. Yes, we did.
  It has been said that, in order for evil to flourish, all the good has to do is absolutely nothing at all. And that's exactly what we did.
  Things finally came to a head on october 1st, 2013. The implimentation of the affordable Act legislation had all but crippled what was left of the country economically; and ushered in the widespread shutdown of most of the world's governing bodies. With enough calamities and worldwide depression careening across the world, a solution was needed immediately. That was when the microchipping of the world's population earnestly began.
  Since so many people had defaulted on credit cards, that was no longer a viable option. Cash was no longer based on a gold standard, but on a fiat promissory standard, meant that cash was worth absolutely nothing in the freefall of the entire world's economy.

  The saddest part of this whole domino story is that it had been initiated into plan in 1913. A year later, World War I had begun; by the war's end, much of the world's economies were destroyed; hell, many of the countries of the world had literally ceased to exist; being absorbed or dissolved by stronger countries.
  Sometimes, in order to view the WHOLE of a picture, one has to step out of it.
  The story of the chip will have to be for tomorrow.....
  Later. The Shadows draw near......

Gonzo Diary

Day 5

  It's finally time to spill the beans about the good Doctor, Professor "Screaming Jay" Hawkings. That wasn't his real name; that's what I called him after the results of the experiment. You see, they only called me in to record, but once he became online, I stopped being a recorder, and merely became an observer of what happens at the end of the world. You see, even though his muscles had become enthropied after years of non-use; what possessed him, and then took over the entire world, well, that one worked just fine.....
  You can call me a liar; you can choose not to believe; whatever you choose, it doesn't really matter much to me.
  I learned a long time ago that the truth can make you mad, sad, or glad, but guess what. You can feel any old way you want about the truth, but the only thing that changes is your perception of something that shall never, ever change, and that is the truth. And once you face the truth, the truth as it really truely is; then you are then ready to be set free. And only then.
  I have to do a "stardate supplemental" on this entry. As you can see, I got a little long-winded there.

Gonzo Diary

Day 6

  I meant to do a "stardate suppplemental", but I've been running most of the night. Got a few, a VERY FEW, hours sleep again. Finally got a cup of morphree, a spiney cuppaciotto, feeling almost normal.
  Jackson got eat up down by the Eastside complex, LITERALLY eaten. I had ran up the stairwell and Almost tripped over what was left of his body. I saw where the Shadow's interdimensinal claws had sunk their barbed bits right into his arms, and his face....
  I could see where the concaved mouth went over the semi-circular bite of what was his skull, as if someone had scooped a perfectly clean bite of ice cream.
  Last night, I was gonna tell you when the Professor went on-line. This is what happened.

  The little girl's idea began to fester, to blister....

  He first had thought microchips inserted deeply within his brain. At the first instance of neural interface, every computer, the whole depth of cyberspace, was instantly downloaded into the brain of the Professor. He saw with the sight of the eternal.
  But he also had three string theory ultra computers, operating within quantum mechanic parameters, introducing the perception of a fourth and fifth dimensional clarity.
  Professor Hawkings looked into the depths of infinity that stretched forever onwards, throughout all possibilities of time & space.
  That's when began screaming.
  For the Shadows were there, IMPOSSIBLY THERE, and they surged into the interface.
  They merged behind the eyes, and began screaming laughter, you could hear their damned chorus come echoing from the Professor's eyes.
  His eyeglasses splintered outwards at us.
    His useless hands, placed oh, so carefully on the keyboard, suddenly came to life, and like a crazed rock organist, bore down upon the keys, & played us all a song of infinite death.
  The Professor, he screamed & screamed & screamed.
  A red mist arose from his eyes, from his ears, from his nose, from his mouth.
  Bulbous tumors erupted from his skull, pulsing with a life all their own.
  Out of one, an impossibly barbed, long tentacle shot out if his head, and through the chest of a guy trying to help.
  A festival of screams erupted from the mouths of everyone, as they began firing into the form of the Professor.
  The Professor stopped screaming long enough to look at them and smile, the madlights glowing forth from his eyes, and hell came forth, & entered the room.
  I plainly heard it say, "I am the soul of the other darkness", and I turned running, the Shadow unleashed it's barbed might into them all.
  And I can't stop running,  for if you stay too long in the wrong place, nightmare arms reach across the cosmos of dimensions, to slice into you in your reality, then you are theirs.
  To have.
  To hold.

  I gotta go....
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