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A bit of satire about owning a pet.
A Pet Shop Visit

I visited the pet shop, just the other day.
A cute flashy goldfish turned a fin my way.
I brought the fishy home in a bright round bowl,
Fed it too much food... which soon took it's toll.

She still looked pretty good, floating upside down.
Had a smile upon her face, not her sad fishy frown.
I hadn't taken time to pick a name for the fish,
So I watched while she floated in the big round dish.

Floater didn't seem like a very happy name,
So I pondered and I thought, until it finally came.
A spit bubble kept her at the top of the tank,
So that's what I named her, it was money in the bank.

I watched Spit Bubble as she floated without care.
There was something fishy smelling in the air.
I thought I saw her swim, but it was just a little gas,
A stinky little fart, that had exited her a....

I wakened in the morning, her bubble hadn't popped.
I said "Hey Spit Bubble", but her fishy lips were locked.
Her little fishy body was now twice it's normal size.
I had burial plans, that I had to improvise.

So down the stool she swirled, as I said my last goodbye,
"I love you Spit Bubble...why did you up and die"?
I washed her shiny bowl and headed back to the store,
And found a new Spit Bubble, in whom I could adore.

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