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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Thriller/Suspense · #1958612
Sometimes you find something you just have to have or do you?
The Black Camisole

Lynn reached out and picked up the white Pointelle long sleeve top from the clothes rack. She slowly lifted it out at arm's length and examined it. She ran her hand over the lace trim, and smiled at the v-neckline that would offer those who were looking an attractive view of her curves. The lattice edging was a nice touch. She thought to herself this would go good with those blue jeans she bought last week. She put it back and moved on to the next rack, looking back at it one last time, then shook her head and looked for something else. Her eyes lit up when she saw the black camisole.

The black stretch camisole called her name. Her hand caressed the cotton and she slowly lifted the hanger up off the rack. Placing it on top of the rack and stretching it out, she liked the way the cotton looked strong and able to withstand some pressure. Her hand goes inside and she notices an inner second layer of fabric that ends at the bust line and is hemmed with invisible elastic tape. She held it up under her chin and turned towards the mirror.

A silver block number nine shined in the corner of the camisole. Lynn brushed the back of her hand against it and closed her eyes imaging playing pool that night with Tom. Her chest budging against the fabric as she bent over to shoot and his eyes watching her every move. She loved when he gazed at her with hunger, it made her heart do back flips. She had to get this.

Lynn looked around the nearly empty store and saw the dressing room sign hanging over a cream colored door. Picking up the camisole she walked in. The dressing room was lined with two full length curtain dressing rooms on both sides. She saw one curtain closed and the other three open. She headed for the one on the far right and thought of Tom again. She closed the curtain behind her as the woman in the occupied one exited the dressing room giving Lynn a soft smile as she was leaving.

She turned towards the mirror and lifted off her t-shirt and stood in front of the mirror in her white lacy bra. Holding the camisole up again in front of her, she smiled at the way it looked. Putting her hands into the bottom she picked the camisole overhead and let it slide down her curvaceous body. She wiggled her hips till the black cotton covered her. Stretching it down, she like the way it showed a little of her belly and knew Tom would like that too. She turned sideways and looked herself over in the mirror. Steaming hot was her first thought. She turned the other way admiring the look. She turned around and swung her head over her shoulder and liked the way it showed the small yin yang tattoo on her back. She ran her hands over her hips and down to her ass. Her long black tresses rested just over the top of the hemline and over her shoulders. Tom would not be able to keep his hands off of her.

That's what she wanted. This was the night and it was going to be great. She made him wait long enough, but she was going to tease him a bit first tonight. And this little number would do the trick. She turned back around and lifted the top off and placed it neatly on the bench. Looking back in the mirror she admired her good looks when the curtain behind her began to slide open.

"Sorry occupied," Lynn said and reaching to hold the curtain.

The hand shot through and clamped on her mouth so quick it shocked her. A tall dirty blonde man with an unshaven face walked through after the hand.

"Don't say a word," he held up a jagged knife with a black curved handle that looked as if it wrapped around his knuckles. He held the tip of the knife up to the corner of her eye, she pulled back and closed them tight, struggling to push his hand away from her mouth. But he was strong. Her hand barely fit around half his wrist. She felt him step inches from her and heard the sound of the drape closing. He smelled like grocery store cologne, cheap and disgusting. And his breath smelled of cigarettes and alcohol as he breathed inches away from her nose.

"Just be quiet and you can walk away from this alive," then he pushed her head against the mirror hard enough to crack it a little and to make her a bit dizzy. Her heart begin to race fast and she could feel the sweat on her forehead forming. The initial shock from the head banging wore off but the stinging was still there as she opened her eyes wide in fear as his hand touched her breast. His huge bear claw of hand clamping over her mouth and holding her head against the mirror left her very little room to maneuver. She tried to raise her knee up to kick him at the same time bringing her hands up to claw at his eyes.

He felt the movement in her body and adjusted his feet and gripping her mouth tighter slammed her head against the mirror again. The pain rushed through her skull right to the sensors in her brain and her eyes lit up and she wanted to scream at the top of her lungs but his hand prevented it. He grabbed her and turned her away from him. She felt him reaching for something with his free hand as he held her mouth, her face inches from the mirror. She tried to bite his hand but the big meaty claw was clamped to hard. She pulled her head back and moved it forward to slam his hand against the mirror hard but he didn't budge. The cracks in the mirror would rival any web a spider would spin.

His hot breath was in his ear, and his stench bit at her nose as he rasped, "Fucking do that again and I'll cut you bitch."

She saw something in his hand and then he pushed a piece of cloth into her mouth and tied it around her head. She gagged. "Breathe through your nose," came his wretched voice. As she did the gagging subsided. His hands pressed the front of her body against the mirror and she closed her eyes and prayed for this to end. The sound of metal clinking together forced her eyes to open as her pulled her hands behind her back. She felt the cold steel handcuffs slip onto her wrists and every hope she had of getting out of this left her body. Her head slipped down in defeat as his hands began to grope the sides of her body. She had to fight. She was not going to let him do this to her. She tried to push back.

He pulled down on her hands and a pain shot up through her elbows and into her shoulders. And then his hands came around and she could feel him undoing her pants. She kicked back with her feet but found nothing and then he pulled her pants down to her knees making the movement of her legs useless. She could feel his huge paws run over her thighs and along the hem of her panties and tears mixed with sweat and dripped into the corners of her mouth feeding her a sweet bitter taste.

His grubby paws then pulled down her panties and she closed her eyes knowing what came next. Her heart beat faster and faster, her eyes filled with tears and sweat, and his noxious fumes bit at her senses, she felt herself drifting. Her knees got weak and she begin to slide, he tried to hold her up but she was becoming dead weight. Her face fell against the mirror and rubbed against the spider web cracks cutting her face as she slipped down to the ground. The pain brought her back to reality and everything came rushing back to her when she saw her sweaty bloody face in the mirror and him standing behind her. She was down on the ground falling on to her back, he reached down to pull her up. She saw an opening and moved quickly. She brought her head up fast between his legs and smashed the top of her skull into his balls and hard shaft. He staggered and she did it a second time driving her skull straight into his sack. Stumbling backwards into the curtain she got to her knees and putting her head down pushed her head at him, his hands now holding his groin blocked the shot but knocked him off kilter. He stumbled into the dressing room across from this one.

Lynn got to her feet as fast as she could with her hands behind her back and rushed for the door. He reached out to grab her as she ran as hard as she could right into the frame but the door didn't budge. She turned her back to the door to grab the knob when he came towards her with the scariest look she has ever seen on anyone. He rushed towards her when the dressing room door opened.

"What's going on in here," Lynn heard a woman's voice say as the door opened.

When the sales clerk opened the door, Lynn stumbled backwards with the crazed psycho following behind. The clerk screamed at the top of her lungs as he ran over Lynn knocking her to the ground and brushing past the clerk and ran out of the store.

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