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Story of unusual friends
A fellow author wrote a poem about his cow dog named Skeet, and it reminded me of a cow dog I had a few years ago.
His name was Bandit because he was black and white and looked like he was wearing a mask.
He was such a smart dog and was very protective of our property out in the country.
One Christmas I got a calf and named him Sundance.
So now there was Sundance and Bandit.
Bandit took up with Sundance from the very beginning and they were buds from then on.
When I first got Sundance, he had to be bottle fed and was a cute baby bull, but not for long.
As time passed, Sundance grew into a really big bull and I feared that he would be too big to
play with Bandit but size didn't matter between these two friends.
Sundance was a beautiful Hereford bull and wore a halter most of the time, and was really
just a big pet. I'm not sure if he thought he was a dog, too, or if our dog Bandit thought he was just
as big as the bull.
Anytime I called Sundance in from the pasture he came running with Bandit not far behind.

One day Sundance got out of his pasture and I looked and looked for him to no avail.
The rancher down the road called me and said there was a bull and a dog at his place and were
they mine. I laughed and told him I would be right there to get my "boys."
When I got there, the ranchers' men told me they couldn't get my bull into a trailer for holding.
I laughed again, called my dog Bandit and told him to get into the trailer.
Then much to their surprise, Sundance walked right into the trailer with his buddy.
The rancher said he had never seen anything like Sundance and Bandit.
Who said dogs and bulls can't be friends..............................................

I hope you enjoy my story, as it is true, and I have long since moved from the country,
but I loved it while I was there.
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