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I'm tired of being treated like I don't matter because I don't drink coffee.

Tea drinkers, stand up for your rights!
Hot water, is that too much to ask?

The wedding was ‘bout done
Coffee offered, regular or decaf
I asked for tea
And the waitress never came back.

Tea drinkers – make no compromise!
Equal availability for equal cup size.

At fellowship after church
They offered coffee and tea.
My wife got coffee strong as mud.
The lady dipped my tea bag in luke warm water;
Then took the bag out!

Tea drinkers, spread the news!
Equal access to both brews.

Convenience store – can’t find the tea.
“Over there, Sir, by the lids.”
There’s row upon row of lids, small, medium, large;
Hot drinks, cold drinks, holes for straws, holes for sipping
Sugar, creamer, napkins, holders, and sporks;
But no tea.

Tea drinkers – raise your voices!
Demand all sites have both choices.

Truck stop off the highway; they have tea!
But hot water dispenser is broken
No one cares.
But if they’re out of French vanilla
Panic mode; right away Ma’am.
I guess I’ll buy bagel and lotto elsewhere.

Tea drinkers of the world unite!
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