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Darkness finds a friend.
Arising from her bed of stone
she gingerly sniffs the breeze
finding nothing amiss yet,
her appetite must be appeased

With no need to apply rouge
her features yet remain
as lovingly laid to rest,
forever as man's bane

For her, every night breaks lonely
she weeps perfect red tears
but ,on this evenings hunt
anguished cries reach her ears

Her feet skim the earth lightly
she moves toward the sound
pain, grief and misery
shades of darkness surround

A fair head bent in shame
sorrow to fill an ocean
lungs heaving in despair
trembling with emotion

Drawn to his unhappiness
closer and closer she goes
heedless, he screams to Heaven
from his lips agony flows

Forgetting her endless quest
she touches his shoulder
and feeling his hopelessness
flames awaken to smolder

Eyes ablaze, her fangs lengthen
eager to embrace his woe
he offers his wrist bravely
fearing not her touch, Death's blow

Looking into solemn blue eyes
his heartache shining through
she sees a kindred soul bleed
and this night, bids loneliness

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