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Maggie was bored with her marriage. Bored enough to do something about it.
Maggie, an early riser, sat at the computer with her steaming mug of fresh, ground coffee. One thing she never cheated herself out of, were quality coffee beans. Closing her eyes, she inhaled the rich aroma, enjoying the morning's solitude. It was chilly, as summer was pushed aside by autumn like a spoiled child wanting attention. It made it's presence known by showing off in a brilliant display of crimson and fiery orange. The oaks outside looked like towering pillars of leafy lava.. She loved fall, it made her feel alive. Something she hadn't felt too much of lately.

Looking at the clock on the wall, Maggie started up the stairs to get Rick up. She always let him sleep to the last minute, considering all the hours he put in. Maybe she should get a job. Tate was old enough to do his own thing, at 16, and she was bored out of her mind. She remembered when she and Rick used to do things together. When being in each other's company was something to look forward to, treasure. She sighed, loneliness overwhelming her. Walking into their room, Maggie shook Rick's tanned shoulder.

"Rick, it's time to get up, hon." she said loudly. "Come on, rise and shine! There's a cup of hot coffee with your name it, sleepyhead."

"Just five more minutes, please?" he whined. This was the same conversation every morning.

"Nope, get up, time for work!" Maggie said, pulling off his blanket. She jumped in bed and tried to snuggle with him, kissing his face and neck.

"Aw, come on, Mags, stop. I'm moving, alright?" he complained grumpily, pushing her away. She felt a twinge of hurt, remembering how once upon a time he would have flipped her over, giggling and screaming, which led to other, more interesting things.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, without even glancing over at her, he went into the bathroom and shut the door. Blinking back tears of rejection, Maggie walked back downstairs, and went back on the computer. Maybe I'll go to the park today, or a hike, just to get out and enjoy the Fall before it was gone, she thought. She tried not to think about where her life was going, but her mind just didn't want to stop thinking about it. What have I done with my life? What am I going to do with my life? Suddenly, an epiphany. Since when did Maggie Simon become a quitter? She stood up, animated. Did she love Rick? YES! Dammit, then fight for him!

Maggie started formulating a plan, right then and there. Grabbing Rick's favorite thermas, she poured coffee just the way he liked it. Light and sweet. Like he did every morning, he walked downstairs, grabbed his briefcase, and the mug, both of which she left on in the foyer by the door. A quick peck on the cheek, and he was gone till 8 or 9 pm. That about summed up her whole marriage.

Maggie was going to save their marriage. But first, there needed to be some willing players involved. First one being her son, Tate, and the second, Rick's boss, Jim VanVogel. She knew that Rick had some time coming to him. As a matter of fact, it should be a substantial amount. The wheels in motion, she ran upstairs to talk to her son....


Rick sat at his desk and wondered why Maggie looked so hurt this morning. She knows I have to get up and out in order to catch the train to work, he thought. But even to his own ears that sounded lame. He barely saw her and Tate, and when he did, he was too tired to do anything about it. He didn't know why he worked so much. It's not like they were destitute and he needed to put in so many hours. Far from it. He guessed it was because he had been doing it for so long, it was like second nature. He was comfortable. They had money in the bank, mortgage caught up, cars payed off, credit cards up to date, and no major medical bills, thank God. Now what? He felt he played the game, won, and there was no big prize at the end of the game. As the day went on, he couldn't remember ever feeling so bored with his job, or his life. Until around 3 pm, his boss, Jim came in his office. Unusual, for him.

"Hey, Mr. Vanvogel, what brings you over to the ghetto!" he greeted him warmly. Jim was a really good boss to work for.

His boss laughed, and then handed him a note. "Your wife called, Rick. She sounded a little upset, but I couldn't make out why. Why don't you take rest of the day off and maybe just go and check on her. THEN you can go visit the mistress." he chuckled at his own joke.

"No, not for this guy," Rick said earnestly. "I love my wife, even if I never get to see her."

"I understand, . But you go ahead, things are all caught up here." Mr. Vanvogel told him. He pointed to the note, in case Rick forgot, and left

Rick was a little confused. Now what the hell was that all about? He read the note and his eyes popped open. He couldn't believe what he was reading! Putting on his glasses in case he read it wrong, he read " Dear Rick, I want you to meet me at the airport. Right away. As soon as you get this note. If you don't come, I will be filing for a divorce. Please do this, it's urgent." What the fuck? Who did she think she was, anyway, threatening him like that! Screw her! What hell did HE do? Rick slammed his fist down on his desk in frustration and shock. This was the last thing he expected today!


Maggie, bags packed, looked impatiently at her watch. Oh God, please let him show. Please let him be here, she prayed silently, closing her eyes. Opening them, her heart sped up when she saw him walking towards her, a furious look on his face. She knew how much he hated being forced into anything, so she understood.

"Maggie, what the hell is this all about?" he demanded. "A divorce? You want a divorce?"

"Not anymore, Rick, your here. That's the only stipulation I put in the letter. Your here." she explained.

Suddenly Rick looked at her more closely. Wow. He'd forgotten how hot she was! And her hair, did she do something to it? He noticed how the dress she was wearing seemed to fit her sleek, trim body in all the right places. Her skin seemed to glow with a sensual luminescence that just made heads turn. He suddenly felt a total male possessiveness and he felt proud to be with this incredibly sexy woman. Damn, she looked good. Then he caught a faint whiff of her scent, a mixture of musk and sex, and suddenly, it hit him. He knew what she was doing, and he felt ashamed that she had to stoop to this to make him remember her. HER, the woman that drew him in and made every other woman pale in comparison. Dropping his bag, he looked into her beautiful, hazel eyes.

"I knew you were in there somewhere, Rick." She said softly. "Look at me. Did you forget?"

His hand came up and he caught a fly away wisp of hair and gently tucked it behind her ear.

"No, I never forgot. I just....I just lost focus."he told her sadly. I forgot why I was working so hard. I forgot us. He took her free hand and brought it to his lips. "I'm sorry."

She put a ticket in his hand, then, and when he saw where they were going, he almost fainted.

"Maggie!" he said, suddenly terrified. "That's a lot of damn money. We've been saving for long time and this just put a big dent in our savings."

"Rick, think about whywe have those savings." she argued. "Think about it! So we can live our dream! Remember our dream? To make enough money to see the world? Well, we have a enough money! Now let's go see the world!"

He thought about what she said, and realized, again, she was right. They did have enough. He smiled at her and pulled her into his arms, smelling the freshly washed scent of her hair.

"So it's off to Hawaii with us then?" he laughed at her excitement. "What about Tanner?"

"Taken care of". She told him.

"What am I going to tell my boss?" he thought suddenly.

"All taken care of, babe. I covered every base."

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's go see the world!" he said, laughing, picking her up and twirling her around as they laughed.

"It's off to Hawaii..." she answered. Happy.
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