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A Chance poem
I cannot abjure my statement,
regarding my recent absence.
You want me to claim an ailment
but as I have already said;
it is very hard to explain.

I recently saw a psychic,
who channeled a long-dead airman.
He claimed to be a past lover,
who I jilted at the alter;
I broke his heart before the war.

So I've spent the last week searching,
and at last I found his head stone.
And kneeling at his lonely grave,
I hoped he'd be charitable.
Now I am totally at peace.

A chance poem uses a dictionary and the numbers of your birthday (or any other date of significance) to determine words to use in a poem. You look up the first and last words on each page ie. 2/14/71, the pages word be 2,14,and 71. The number of lines is the single digits added together. ie 2+1+4+7+1=15. All the words must be used but they can be in any form.

I can't find my dictionary since I moved so I used a thesaurus. I used my birthday 2/14/71.

my words: abjure, absence, ail, airman, channel, and charitable.

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