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A big question begets equaly big answer, the Africa pathetic state requires an answer
Most successful people, at least quite a number of them wants others to follow suit, some went steps further by being pragmatic with approach to either lure or encourage potential knacks for worthy ventures, either in chosen career profession leisure vocation or whatever anyone might find convenient in being good at

In these cue are various eminent personalities, call to fore Alfred Nobel, successful Swedish Tycoon, professional mogul, instituted the Nobel Prizes in series of fields that includes professions, also peace initiatives for global concern for humanity sake

In Africa, a Sudanese took the toe, set up Mo Ibrahim Foundation for Leadership. Quest for quality leadership to encourage and lure away African leaders with penchant for sit tight syndrome; a disease so endemic to irredeemable pathology, from perpetuating themselves in office due to spoil of such position.  African heads of states or government who deliver security, health, education and economic development to their constituents, and who democratically transfer power to their successor

Look at what these sets of vultures tends to gain

•          Five million Dollar to be pocketed after having left office appropriately after three years

•          Annual draws of about Two hundred thousand Dollars for upkeep for life, surpassing the one offered by the Nobel board

These two amongst other benefits, not enough to get these sit tight away from their coveted birthright as it seems

Take a curious look at the category of thieves masquerading as leader who cares so much for their people who also beg them to stay on to make their lives more miserable to point of no return

First among equals, you have Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe whose country’s constitution inadvently makes it possible for him to stay on, you know what, there are not enough good hands to steer the affairs of that country besides the old greed. You have others in same league in Equatorial Guinea, and Co.

Not forgetting Seseko Mobutu of former Zaire, Mohammed Abacha in Nigeria and Mohammad Gadaffi of Libya lately, this class took bitter pills to quench their insatiable taste for power. Paid the prices with their lives

Please forgive me if I almost forgot the home front, remember your own Maradona and Ebora Owu. The competition within these two has a different dimension, the later once told the world to go check if truly is noon whenever the former says good morning, equally warned that he required to be guided out of office like a bull in a China shop, now the real drama, once the guard found himself inside the China shop in the process decided to take charge with his sight and taste of the China wares. Others in Benin Republic, remember Houphet Bouigne, the Afrifa’s of Ghana, Lauren Gbago of Cote De ’Ivore whose episode was on world screen, how he was humiliated right there in the private comfort of the state house bedroom, what he coveted so much was taken away in public glare disgracefully and how their inordinate portions of greed was forcefully taken away from them by the good populace in their various territories 

According to Wikipedia posting on its website, The Mo Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership was last awarded in 2008. Former South African president Nelson Mandela is an honorary laureate. On June 13, 2010, the Mo Ibrahim Foundation announced its decision not to award that year's Ibrahim Prize.

By the foregoing, what else can you do for a man, possibilities are they do not even do enough research if they take ventures in reading or take literary interests in literatures that garnishees souls enough to know what helps them on a long time and lifelong benefits

The Mo Ibrahim prize was last taken in 2008, not minding the break in 2011 by Pedro Pires the gentleman in cape Verde, you can bet, 2013 will also elude the vultures because of the evil cataract that becloud their sights

Africa at a time, had good men in power obviously, but characterised mostly by the parasites in sanctimonious cloak of self delusion, little wonder this great continent still wallows in the dark, if only she has more of the likes of Leopold Seder Sengor of Senegal, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, Nelson Mandela, good men who left power voluntarily according to dictates of the rule. Good lights that shone the bright side of the continent to the rest of the world

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation for qualified African heads of states and governments is in dire need of prized honorary members to bail Africa from clutches of draconian wicked figure heads. Who wants to help rescue the continent? For as it seems, these people are not even budged by the attractions thrown at them for keep

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