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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #1959515
Gwenna walks home, gains a wanted escort and an unwanted tail.
Part One

          The sun fled to the other side of the world as the young woman walked down the dusty tree lined road toward her home. The trees went as far back as she could see when it was light enough to see. She swing her arms back and forth. She loved living out here.  She loved living off the grid. She was truly homesteaded. She owned her land outright. She was not tied to the rest of the world for her survival.She kept animals she needed to survive. She kept plants and gathered seeds. She was quite pleased with herself.
            There was only one thing she was not pleased about. There was an odd man named Josh that tended to bother her when she was out doors. He only came around at night. He was quite pale. He truly frightened her. She refused to invite him in and unlike Ed who could just walk through her door, he could not.That amused her as much as confused her.
            She was walking quickly for the sun’s light was gone and the moon did give some light but that light was faint. She also knew he be out now and she really did not want to run into him. Josh was very scary and she could not get away from him if she ran. He was terrifyingly faster than she was.
            She felt a presence next to her. She turned her head and sighed before speaking, “Ed what are you doing here?”
            “Keeping that bastard Josh away from you.” Ed smiled at her. He looked at her, “Now Gwenna do not be nervous. I unlike Josh do not wish you harm.” He paused, “Plus you are still far from home and it is dark.”
            She rubbed her arms feeling chilled. A great weight settled on her shoulders. “You did not have to give me your leather jacket.” The jacket smelled just like Ed and she felt much warmer because of it’s weight. The smell of him on his coat increased her heart rate a little bit, she honestly hoped he would not notice.
            “I know.”
            They walked together moving ever so much closer to Gwenna’s home. The moon shined brightly making Gwenna’s red hair shine in the night.  Ed knew that Josh was awake and that the dead man was hunting. He had already warned him off Gwenna once. He knew the dead head fancied her. He did not see anything good coming out of it. What he saw was her possible death as Josh just drained the life out of her to keep himself going and pretended he felt sorry. Ed knew better.
            He felt Gwenna suddenly take his hand. “Your hand is always warm.”  She smiled up at him. Her sudden nervousness warned him that her instincts were kicking in. The girl had good gut warnings he admired the fact that she actually followed them.
            “That would be because I am alive.” He smirked at her giving her some what wet hand a squeeze. He knew by the hand’s wetness that she was nervous and her survival fear was kicking in.
            She giggled seemingly at the wrong awkward moment which was so normal for her. “Why do you not come around more often Ed? I miss you.” She looked up at him. “Plus the mutts totally miss you. Unlike tiny me I cannot wrestle with them.”
          Ed laughed, his laughter echoed though the woods. “I am glad you are taking to the wolf mixes I found you.”
          “The three of them are wonderful.” Her eyes scanned ahead of them, “they are so smart too. They bring me rabbits. They have also brought me a small deer.” She giggled nervously again. “Fenris, Sköll and Hati are very good at keeping me and the farm safe. Josh does not like them. He is frightened of them.”
          “He should be.” Ed pointed out to her as they drew closer to her home, “They recognize the wrongness that he is Gwenna.”

          Josh watched the two walk together just outside the wolf’s senses. He hated Ed. He hated how Gwenna leaned more toward him. She always seemed to receive the wolf better than himself. They were very chatty that evening something that annoyed him to no end.
          He heard a chilling howl. He winced and glared as the three mutts that Ed had gotten Gwenna loped into view. They were making it difficult for him to claim the delicious snack Gwenna would be. He followed them hoping he could snatch her that night.

          They walked into her home stead and she frowned. There were lights on in her small home. Her door opened and she realized why. “Mother?”
          Karolyn looked at her daughter and the young wolf that was with her. It always amazed her how the child did not recognize the supernatural creatures that where attracted to her light. Her daughter needed to be awakened. She did not know why she was not awake but Gwenna was not awake and it was getting very dangerous to have to in that state.
          The small wolf pack that Ed had gifted her started their patrols.
          The two young people entered Gwenna’s home. She received a cup of tea from her mother. She drank it quickly. It was the perfect temperature and sweetened just enough to make the tea go down easy. Her mother took the cup from her as her daughter touched her head.
          “I feel odd,” with those words Gwenna swooned and Ed barely caught her.
          “What did you put in that?” Ed looked at Karolyn as he picked up the woman’s daughter. “Tea does nto normally knock people out.”
          “She been asleep too long.” Karolyn spoke gravely. “My daughter has amazing instincts as you might have noticed. She has put together a great witch’s cottage.” She paused covering Gwenna up on the bed where Ed placed her.
          “Yes I have noticed that the bastard cannot get as close to her as he would like.” Ed stated. “But that bastard does not like the wolves either.”
          “No the vampire does not.” Karolyn’s words surprised the wolf. “Much like you wolf boy.”
          Ed sighed looking at his hands.
          “Though you are honorable.” Karolyn went on with a small smile. “You do not wish my daughter harm. I also think there is another reason.” She eyed him. “Pack politics?”
          “The Elders say she would make a good mate.” Ed let out a long breath, “I decided I would get to know her. I am not going to force her to do anything against her will.”
        “And to be with you is forever.”
        “Yes there is that.” Ed looked over at her.
        “When she wakes she will see the world as she should.” Karolyn looked at him. “Keep her safe, do not leave tonight.” With those words Karolyn vanished on Ed.
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