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a tale not yet complete

(Peak into the middle of a story I've been working on)
i think i found out i have nothing in the place. She carefully placed her footing as she worked her way edging closer to the center of the ravine. Every time she glanced up, she'd see the spellbinding light gleaming, callling from the center. She must reach it alive, telling herself everytime her footing slipped, "i must not let this beat me, for I did not struggle this far, to make it and not succeed. There's not a greater reason to not quit than the punishment of living after quitting. Great inspiration to keep moving".. Her thoughts trailed off. Somewhere farther than she'd have liked them to.. Even with having to be extra attentative to the rocky steep incline, one wrong step she'd be history.. His words fell flat on her memories. , the love swelled in her soul, starting imagine how his embrace felt.. How it was all too heartbreaking to relive, but yet re living it kept it alive, as if in doing this ressesitation - the feeling of being wanted and mutual protection and care would somehow not be as dead and over as it really was. Alittle piece to keep alive. Suddenly she was pulled out of the foggy forest of all those thoughts.. reaching for a fire scorched branch of a sapling that had become a victim to the forest fire that the vikings and rebels had set upon this south of the country. Only the foresters had suffered, before the fire they had a really conventional thing going. but now, ruins. "Nothing is forever constant" she wispered to herself, mildly breathless - still steadily working her way down, so steep, it's a dance of footing and confidence, experience and tenderness, intuition partially as well, it's the markings of a good climber. Mountain goat's way sh'ed watched those goats and played among the kids through the fields numerous times, instead of washing the laundry with her sisters in the river. finally some worth came out of her study of those around her.. mostly animals.

She slowed as the sun began to set, time fleeing before she had even had a proper chance to carve her name upon the sunset.. With the last embers of a gloing sun preaching upon the landscape kissing her skin one last time before the moon took it's timely place upon the black velvet night sky soon to follow.. Grapsing the tattered page in which were written her souls echo's of words she only could feel. The words had a way about them, their sound - graceful in such a way it made her mind sing..

~ "You carve poems upon my  skin, in languages I have never known.

Slow spreading bosom fire
proof of life sustained on
Weary strain
Of an elixir called love

Vamped as poison

Posed as a

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