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Written when I was a kid. I have a really weird imagination :P

The Royal Murder By Kaleong Chan
Peter's heart was still pounding as he slipped the package into his pocket. He had told himself to leave it under Elizabeth's bed. As he slowly climbed up the building, he knew that he was running out of time. Seriously, he thought to himself, what woman puts laser cameras outside her window? She was still sleeping as he climbed in. Quietly, he slipped the package under the bed and jumped out of the window after opening his parachute. As job well done, Peter thought to himself as he landed beside his and drove off just when Buckingham Palace exploded.

Chapter 1: The Plan
William groaned as he sat up and walked away from his bed. Two nights of endless conferences, interviews, reporters, and worst of all, his dad, and his infinite speeches about him finally getting the throne. I don't even want it, he told himself, as being the king had its limits. He felt a slight shudder as he remembered his now dead grandmother. He remembered when she used to play with him, laughing, and running across the beach in sunset. Now, she was dead, and there was nothing else left of those memories. His insides burned as he thought of the killer. Why would such a person murder such a kind women? C.I.A agents have checked the ruins of the palaces, with no results. Suddenly, William thought of an idea. It was the most amazing and dumbest idea ever. "Katie?" A figure roused sleepily beside him. "Yes?" His nerves were tingling as he spoke. "We're going to the C.I.A." "Yay." Katie said before falling back into her pillow.

The XV89 flew over the plain of Mexico just as William woke up. Even the XV89 was the fastest and most comfortable plane in the whole of the US; his back was still aching from the 480omassage chair some idiot had implemented. Americans, he thought bitterly to himself, the best at the worst. The intercom above him beeped. "Your majesty, we are approaching land. The president will see you shortly." The pilot said as the plane touched ground. William signed at his pathetic joke and stepping out of the plane, wondering how long will it take for the president to believe him.

Obama was still laughing. William maintained his temper for the tenth time. The black president had laughed with the rest of his collages for about twenty minutes. "Please." William said calmly. "I need and want to join the C.I.A." Obama chuckled. "You? A C.I.A agent? You're the next king of the United Kingdom!" William's hand started to tingle. "Who do you think you are? James Bond?" William's hand fidgeted. "Seriously, you're so full of bull-" SLAM. Cups and memos went flying, scattering everywhere with broken glass after he flipped the table 180o degrees. Obama stared at him. "My grandmother used to be the ruler of the whole country, but she always found time the entertain me, take care of me, comfort me!" Tears were streaming out of his eyes. Obama kept on staring, and after a minute of silence, he spoke. "Are you sure you want to do this?" His voice was anxious and official, the relaxed attitude gone. The American president had suddenly changed from a joker to a mentor. Finally, William thought, they get it. His voice slowly became firm. "Yes." The president turned to one of his still laughing collages. "James, if you don't get this man in the C.I.A and book him a transport right now, I will fry your balls."

The C.I.A was one of the earliest and still surviving intelligence agencies. Established in 1947, it started out as a basic command center. However, a few years of dramatic development in the US transformed the agency to a state of the art technology lab. Currently, it holds the latest weapons, computers, and geniuses. William had loved the place since he first visited with his father, watching bored scientists playing holographic Pokon, with "real" balls and creatures coming out of them, ready to listen to the scientist's command to start fighting. What was most amazing was another scientist coming out of nowhere; so angry he formed a bat out of thin air and nearly knocked out the fellow scientists with it. "Your Majesty." A rough voice snapped him out of his memories. "Anyway, the president seems to have issued you to my training course, so I suggest you go to rest. We have provided a king size bed for your comfort, a King Kong movie for your entertainment, and you will find a takeaway from Burger King for your stomach." William rolled his eyes. "Seriously?" Even if he was the king now, his commander could tease him all he wants, as he was going to be a rookie agent tomorrow, not a king. "That's right agent," Commander Donald Harris replied, as he already knew what he thought, "You're not a fancy king anymore in my kingdom, you're a good for nothing person in a tuxedo." "And you're a fat trainer." William said before he could stop himself. "30 laps around the building tomorrow, wise guy." Donald said before he closed the door, but William could see the trace of a smile in his lips, since he was a bit chubby.

Chapter 2: The Mission
A month later, William thought he was ready. The Commander had trained him to all kinds of skills, from hand to gun combat to gadgets testing. Most of them William couldn't understand how they were made, like a sniper iPhone, an 8-inch chain gun, and even a ford that could turn into a plane, a boat, or a limo, and even a mini tank complete with cannon. The best thing was that Kate had covered up for his absence by saying that he was in mental distress to the press. Three days later, he was to be deployed into Madagascar, the country where the murderer was last seen a few days ago. He felt like a tribute in the Hunger Games, going to certain death after being treated like a prince. The only thing comforting him now was his wife, softly massaging his back with her tender hands, healing the wounds that he had faced in the training center. "You could leave the C.I.A now, you know." Her voice was steady, but he could sense the fear inside her. "Don't worry, I'll be ok. He's just one guy, and I'm a fully trained CIA agent." "But you're my prince too." William forced a smile. "Can you promise me something?" William's smile faded. "What?" Katie's voice was trembling as she spoke. "Don't kill the murderer, it's not worth it." William felt a surge of anger, but then his wife's words made sense. If he killed him, the public and everyone else will be shocked. No one would trust a murderer, let alone a murderer in the royal family of Britain. His wife was right. So the voice that replied was not full of anger, it was compassion for the person who just saved his life. "Ok. Go to sleep, princess."

"Agent Louis!" William snapped awake. The XX glider was drifting swiftly across the North Atlantic Ocean, and it was hard trying to stay awake when the sea wind was blowing through your face, erasing the worries and consciousness away. He had already drifted off for several times, only to be woken up by Donald either slapping him on the face or dumping a bucket of cold water at him, which he was doing now. "Wake up, or I'll dump the contents of the toilet on you next time." "We're not even in berlin." He complained groggily. The commander had been staying up the whole time without sleeping, and still William wondered if Donald Harris took simulants. But he never did. "WAKE UP!" William signed and stood up. "What is it, do you want be to do something commander?" "We're reaching land you idiot, and if we don't jump, the CCA will blow us up to pieces." William suddenly stood straighter. The C.C.A was an exact replica of the C.I.A, except that it was for criminals, not good guys. Suddenly, one of the lights on the panel beeped, distracting them for once. "What's that?" He looked at Donald, who was now running towards the plane's end and opening the hatch. "The plane has detected the five missiles now flying towards us, and they're all made of solid titanium. We have to jump."

"What?" William was still in confusion as Donald tossed a parachute towards him. Missiles were already targeting them when they were 1000km above their base? It seems that the C.C.A also has pretty neat technology, and maybe that was why his grandmother got murdered so easily. Did the killer have some modern tech that enabled him to sneak in the palace unnoticed? Were the laser cameras in the building hijacked as the palace blew up? If it wasn't for Donald, he would have been blown up to bits still stuck in doubt. However, the commander was not a man who abandoned his agents so easily. He had grabbed William, strapped him a parachute, and jumped out while pulling him to earth, the plane exploding just as they fell to a safe distance. "You knew this would happen?" William was yelling at Donald even though he had just recused him. "What the hell do you think? I've been a top C.I.A commander for 12 years! Now open your parachute or perish!" As William pulled the chord, there was a faint whistling beside his ear. He turned around, but it was only a bald eagle staring at him from above. The symbol of the United States, the bird that meant peace and safety to the country, which was the exact opposite of what William was thinking right now. Before he could react, the eagle's head exploded.

Sniper. The word that meant destruction and death. The weapon that could kill someone without them feeling anything but the sharp pain of the bullet going through the skull, then silence. The weapon that destroyed Kennedy, one of the pass presidents in the US, the one that ended the cold war, the Cuban missile crisis, and World War 2. He was William's only true hero, a man who suffered and gave so much only to be killed by a weapon manufactured by his own country. Now, he was about to have the same fate unless he reacted. But there was nothing in his pocket except for his phone and his wallet. He was about to make his final call when he saw the tiny scope on his phone. The SPX iPhone. Quick as a fox, William aimed the iPhone at the angle where the eagle's head was blown. Sure enough, there was the sniper, perched on top of a tower, with about twenty others below him. Bullets could not be enough for that much people. He turned the knob that was supposed to be the volume button and fired. The tower blew up about after 3 seconds as William reloaded explosive ammo from his pocket. "Nice shot!" He had totally forgotten about Donald, who was firing at other towers with a real sniper, most that were already in debris. "What do we do?" William shouted in desperation. "We're doing okay right now, but they're going to send planes if we keep on destroying their towers. "Right!" The two agents pulled on their cord and fell to earth as the parachute went back into their bags. At 1000m, they pulled on the cord again and the parachute opened once more.

Chapter 3: The Assassin
As William landed, he smelled the tropical air of the jungle, with about a thousand possibilities of traps hidden in it. The C.C.A really had taken their role as chief of the criminals too much. Over by the beach they landed on, there was a mountain, so huge that 40% had to be manufactured. Laser cameras where everyone, so different from the ones in the palace that once was his home. They looked the same, only armed with chain guns instead of alarms. William felt again a twinge of fright as he remembered his memories of his grandmother. But now was not the time. "Any idea on how to pass these tech?" "Maybe." Donald's reply was uneasy. He took a live rabbit out of his pocket and placed it near the cameras. The rabbit hopped around like a rabbit should as the cameras focused on the animal, and a few seconds later the cameras ignored the rabbit. Sensing this, the creature hopped to the center of the cameras, and exploded, destroying all of the chain guns and 50m of ground. "Really?" William was about to laugh out loud. "Just come." After two minutes of rabbit, beaver, bird, and possum carnage, they finally reached the grotesque mountain, the only mountain in the world that was half made of gold, platinum, titanium, iron, and for so reason clay. "Should we break through the clay?" William knew that was a stupid question, but he just asked. "No. The clay could contain a lot of other traps we can't predict. Better safe than sorry." "So how do we blow up this reinforced iron?" William was still in doubt. "We can't. I used up the last of our explosive buddies. We have to go in disguise." Great, William said in annoyance. Just the best day of my life.

A few minutes later, the two men were in C.C.A suits. However, since the cost of receiving the suits included going through giant spider sewers and coming up to the presence of two gay men in a toilet cistern with one sitting on the toilet bowl doing his business, William didn't really want to talk about the issue right now. He and Donald were now walking towards the main conference room of the master of criminals, and they were only armed with a tiny chain gun and an iPhone.
"How do you feel?" Donald asked as it wasn't him that stuck his head up the toilet. "Like a million bucks." William replied sickly. They fell silent as the first C.C.A criminal came into sight, and followed them in a quiet, quick way, afraid that one whisper of their voice will reveal their identity immediately. The door opened, and they walked slowly inside. There was only a large table for the whole room, with twenty chairs. 18 were occupied, one of them facing the giant screen in front of them. "You're late." The person spoke as William and Donald sat. "Were you in the toilet again?" Several people sniggered. "Don't laugh. Gayness is a crime, and we commit crime, or am I wrong?" The people that were laughing quickly shut up. Surely this man is pure evil, William thought to himself. Maybe he knows where is the person who killed my grandmother. He looked at Donald for further instructions. Donald just shook his head by a millimeter. Knowing that this was not the time to talk, he kept quiet. "Now, is everyone here? Everyone sully nodded their heads. "Good. Now, as you know, we are here to discuss about our recent success on the murder of Elizabeth Alexandra Mary." William felt his fists whiten. "A very good achievement indeed. In fact, it was so successful that it even angered the old hag's grandson to hunt us down!" Everyone was laughing now. "Finally, the C.I.A has a little prince!" The laughter increased. "When I, am actually the one who killed her, me! Peter!" The laughter was if possible, even louder. "Funniest thing is William isn't at the C.I.A, nor in Britain mourning his grandmother." Everyone fell silent and faces became stern. "In fact, he's in here with a friend." In saying so, Peter hand flashed in his pocket, pulled out the pistol, and shot Donald through his chest.

Chapter 4: The Chase
Rage suddenly rushed through William. He pulled out his chain gun and fired it all in the direction of the killer of his grandmother and now his best friend, not caring what the bullets hit, as his only goal now was to kill the killer once all for all. He opened his eyes. Peter escaped, but the others were all dead. With no time to waste, William furiously sprinted in the direction of peter, as he had wasted all his ammo in the room behind him. "Come back here you bastard!" He shouted furiously. He was losing his breath, and losing the killer would mean that he failed to avenge his grandmother and best friend. With no other option, he pressed the car key on his pocket, and the Ford crashed through the glass and landed in front of him. As he climbed in desperately, he pressed the pedal. Immediately, the ford went flying at 450m/s. Suddenly, the ground gave a loud crash, and a jet went soaring away from the island. Desperately William pressed the horn, and wings came out of the side, rockets out of the back, and the ford crashed through the self-destructing island to the glowing sky.

After a few minutes, William spotted the killer, in a giant jet with over 50 rockets positioned, ready to engage. "God----" William cursed quietly. How the heck was he supposed to defeat a giant jet with a flying car? Just about when he was about to give up, he remembered the car's armor. Total Iridium. The strongest, lightest, and the rarest metal in earth. Seriously, the scientists got the iridium by collecting over 100 tons of asteroids in space, and it was only enough to make a working car. However, iridium could destroy almost anything at a high speed. Another crazy plan, he thought to himself. However, he had learned one important thing in this twisting and turning of events. When you think of something stupid, don't do the expected. Clenching his fists in anger and fear, he charged the car to the direction of the jet. Almost automatically 50 missiles were aimed at him and firing. In the last second, he swerved, ducking and evading each missile with luck and skill. Finally, the car touched the body of the jet. BOOM. William opened his eyes and instead of seeing his car wrecked and the jet a bit dent, he had successfully crashed through the jet and if that wasn't enough, the missiles were hitting the jet to as they were set to follow the targeted plane/car's path. As he was about to call the C.I.A, he saw a hand holding a rocket launcher, and before he could stop him the car's wing exploded, and the ford went crashing down to the great country of Spain.

Chapter 5: Truth
Even when the two men were crashing down to sure death, William was shocked that Peter could still smile. Then he got it. Peter was a suicide assassin. Someone else was behind all this mess. Suddenly, he let go and flew away several yards before opening a hidden parachute. Fuming, William pressed the eject button and flew out of the car. After being ejected on his rocket chair, his hand griped the joystick and sped off after Peter. Once again, Peter was found slowly gliding down to the royal palace of Madrid. Thanks Luck, he thought bitterly. His dad was in there having a conference, and now the killer was almost to murder another one of his family. Not happening, William thought to himself and shot a knife at the parachute's ropes. The was a sickening sound of metal against string and the ropes broke, but Peter was already too close to the palace to have any damage. Without thinking, William positioned himself, set the power to full, and hit Peter with all his strength, and both of them went crashing through the palace's roof and onto the floor.

When William stood up, he found that the killer was still stirring feebly. Therefore
he grabbed Peter and threw him against the marble wall. "You coward!" William screamed when he heard the crush of pain. "You selfish, ignorant coward!" There was too much anger now he could feel his veins bursting. He furiously took his knife from his pocket, and was about to stab him when his locket broke, revealing the picture taken of him and Kate in his wedding ceremony. Her words suddenly ringed in his ears. "Don't kill the murderer, it's not worth it." He suddenly stopped his actions. Vengeance or pity. Vengeance meant satisfaction and relief, but to was hard to pay for the stories and effect it will soon have in the public. Pity meant the public will respect him like a national hero, but the killer would be humiliated beyond William's need. He would be dead inside and alive outside. William knew what do to now. With a trembling hand, he raised his knife, and stabbed the ground beside Peter. Peter opened his eyes. "You do not wish to kill me? I have killed your grandmother and your best friend, and you still won't take your revenge?" "I will never be a murderer." William replied and started to walk away. "But I am." A different voice replied, and he was holding a pistol. "Bos-" The bullet whizzed through William and shot through Peter's head, and he crumpled to the floor. William found his voice after the shock. "Dad?"

Chapter 6: The King's fight of life and death
Prince Charles, 63, the great prince that would become king if Elizabeth died in a normal way, was responsible for the murder of his relative. It was him that hired Peter to kill his grandmother, and it was him that told Peter to kill his commander. His dad had been in the plan all along. "Why." William croaked. "Why, Why? You think I could stand being a prince for 40 years! 40 years I have waited for that hag to resign, 3 years I have waited for her to die! You, William, my only son, took away my place when you became 20!!! That's why I told Peter to not take pity on you! However, the past is the past. Join me, and we shall rule Britain together." Charles' face was full of maddened determination. "I'm sorry, dad." William once again started to walk away. "Oh, and there's one more thing I forgot to tell you. This."
His hands grabbed the person behind him, and she showed up, blindfolded and gagged. William looked back, and fear coursed through his body again. "Kate!"

"That's right, son." Charles' face was twisted together into a wicked smile. "The fate of your wife is in my hands. You will now rule Britain, but I shall be your puppeteer. One wrong move, and I will cut you and your wife's strings. Think of the wonderful things we can do together!" "You're mad." William's voice was trembling. "You're effing mad!" He threw himself at his dad, and rained punch after punch on his pale, ghost white face, cherishing, hating every punch he threw. "Enough." Strong arms gripped his shoulders tightly, and before he could wince he was flying across the room. "You think I came here unprepared?" Charles sneered as his son hit the tiles of the wall hard. "I've been training in the C.C.A just as much you have in the C.I.A. Let's see your pathetic moves." "SHUT UP!" William grabbed the vase beside him and threw it at his dad, who dodged it easily. "Just what I thought. Pathetic. I'm giving you one last chance. One more dumb move and I'll slit your precious wife's throat."
William stepped back, but he was still shaking pretty badly. However, he was already fighting a losing battle. He would not let Kate die, and his dad knew that for a fact. Just as he was about to accept his fate, he heard a struggle, and Kate fell in the floor beside him, shaken but unharmed. A person was struggling with Charles, and that person managed to grab hold of him and throw him against the wall. Just as William was about to ask who the heck was he, he turned around and said: "Dude, I wore a bulletproof vest, fancy pants." and half-smiled at William's look.

William couldn't believe it. All this time he thought Donald was dead, when he was alive the whole time. Now since Kate was free, they could defeat his dad. Together. "Let's do this." He felt himself automatically say the words. "Yup." Donald replied. As Charles was getting up, they freed Kate and told her to go to the police and get backup. As she disappeared, the unmistakable sound of a gun clicking went off behind them, but this time the two expected it. With skill they avoided the bullet easily and charged towards the demon that needed to be tamed, and it screamed in terror as the two charged, and sprinted off towards the window, firing random shots as it flew. William realized what it was planning to do. "NO!" His father looked back at him. "I'll never be a king." and sprinted once again. "NOOO!" But it was too late. Prince Charles ended his life by jumping off Madrid Palace, and fell to his death, with his bones all broken, along with his skull, his dream ended.

Chapter 7: All people hold thy king of pure hearted gold
William woke up, startled. The curtains of Kensington Palace blew along with the wind, and birds twittered below. Everything was peaceful and quiet. What did I eat last night, William thought groggily, as he walked down the stairs of the castle. Pouring himself a cup of Coffee, he thought of what happened. The people came and he had sat down on the Spanish chairs as Donald explained what had happened, on how there was a plan organized to kill the queen, on how Peter was the murderer, on how his dad was behind all this, on how he managed to find William by sticking a tracker while they were training on his.... Well you know. "It must be a crazy dream I had." William found himself saying. He walked towards the castle doors. "A crazy dream." He opened the door for some fresh air. Instead he faced about a hundred cameras. Yup, he thought to himself as everyone shrieked in delight. I'm crazy.

The whole world celebrated that night. King, Queens, Governors, Prime Ministers, Presidents all came to congratulate and praise him for his heroic bravery and skill and nerve. Even Obama, who had just won the election, came and danced an African tribute dance around him to the people's delight. Every News story was plastered with his name, and his secretary had already sued about 50 magazines for showing photo shopped imagines of him naked and holding a crown or a chain gun. But William was not in the mood to get drunk with Donald, he had a much more important thing to do. At about 9:00pm, he left the still going party and told the driver to drive to his grandmother's graveyard. He hand held a bonnet of primrose, his grandmother's favorite flower. His trembling hands, he placed the flowers on her grave, thanking her for her love, her caring, and her contribution to this world. As he walked away, he thought of the words he had chosen for her grave. The Women that helped us all, the women that will live in our hearts, forever. You will forever live in my heart, grandmother, William thought. And you will be remembered, forever, in the hearts of our nation. And so he walked away, and as the car drove towards the hill, a rose bloomed, forming a dot in the fields of green.

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