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A window to another world.
I stumble through my grandfather’s busted, creaky barn in search a missing treasure before the new owners arrive.  The rickety aging barn is filled with so many wonderful childhood memories will soon be just that a memory.  Climbing over the rafters, I spy in the eaves a shabby army canvas draped over a large object.  Moving towards the object with sun through the slats in the barn dancing a silent waltz light my way.  I brush the heavy canvas off, revealing a walnut frame adorned with intricate carvings.  Removing the canvas I reveal an ornate window frame and set within a glimmering double glazed window with a small snow flake floating in the center.

The light from the sun plays in the window creating a rainbow of colors across the pane.  Such a beautiful piece hidden away in the back of a dusty broken down barn sparked my curiosity.  It boggles my mind wondering how this was left here.  Squatting in front of the glass, I brush my hand over the glass feeling the handmade texture of the glass and notice fine intricate individual speckles that change color at different angles.

Running my hands toward the snowflake, the glass goes from cool to a warmth as my hand traces along the outside of the snowflake.  The snowflake appears to be not between the panes but a part of both.  Imbedded into the window yet seamless like it was always a part of the glass.  Peering into the snowflake a dark shadow floats along the points of the flake but never filling it.  Touching the center of the flake a deep intense heat flares on my fingers.  The shadow dances around my fingertips as I am unable to catch it.

Trying to catch the bouncing shadow the glass around the snowflake takes on a fiery ember.  Unable to pull my hand away I feel an intense burn.  The shadow grows taking on the silhouette of a man’s face with glowing red eyes.  My hand is pulled into the snowflake with a boney hand clawing its way up my hand.  I watch in horror as the snowflake expands larger pulling me inside.  A strong arm grasps me and uses my body as leverage to come out of the glass.  My skin boils and peels from my bones the further I get in, yet I am unable to scream.  The silence is deafening as my head is inches from going through the window.  In the dark hues of the window dark red eyes on a skeleton appear.  I watch in horror as my skin is transferred from me to this skeleton from hell.  A silent scream on my lips as I am sucked into the frame.  Silence and darkness envelop me.  Glowing behind me, I turn to see light through a snowflake.  Peering in, I notice I am looking into the barn.  A large shape rises in front of my view, eyes glowing red with a sinister smile.  He pulls out a long sharp knife.  Smiling he walks away, towards my waiting family.

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