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A review of one of the best movies ever!
Sylvester Stallone has made some questionable choices during his acting career. For instance, “Stop or my mom will shoot!” What a tragic error in judgment! However, writing the classic screen play "Rocky" was the smartest thing the unknown actor could have ever done.

Sly plays the title character but more than that he is Rocky. He embodies the working class Joe and connects with the audience on a level of the soul that is seldom visited. The basis of the movie is that Rocky gets a shot at the title by virtue of dumb luck. The only reason he is offered the shot is because the champ Apollo Creed thinks he is another punching bag excuse for a sparing partner.

Rocky's even has to persuade a past his prime manager, Mickey, to train him. No one thinks Rocky has a chance to win which is why he is the muscle for a loan shark. This is his primary job and boxing is more of a hobby.

So why do we root for the Rock? Simple. Rocky displays all the characteristics we desire in ourselves. He is selfless and never speaks an ill word towards anybody. He showed compassion as evident when he gives a mark a break on money that is due. He also cares about others when they don't care about themselves. Remember Marie who hangs out on the street corner with hoodlums. Rocky knows that she is headed for trouble and without regard for the response tries to guide her down the correct path.

This story overlaps an underlying look into the inner city of Philadelphia. It shows the financial struggles of average citizens. It embraces the yearning of even the most homely looking people to find love and companionship. The story masterfully conveys the hardship of family. How you want the good things in life for a sibling but only as long as you can ride the coattails too.

Rocky has you empathizing with an entire city from the opening scene to the end credits. You come to know and embrace each character but it is Rocky who captures our hearts. It is Sylvester Stallone's portrayal of Rocky that makes you want to be that person.

The character and the movie inspire anyone who is lucky enough to watch it. The heart and determination of one man makes you want to strive to be more. This is why you will find yourself cheering Rocky on and forcing the tears back even during the last round of the fight. Rocky has taken more than any normal human should endure yet he is unwilling to stop punching until the bell rings. Wouldn't the world be a better place if there were more people like that in society today?
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