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A brief cathartic letter for the future.
Oncology Department
St. Williams Hospital
Springfield, WA
Attn: Dr. Sheldon Marshall

RE: Cure found for breast cancer

Where were you when my sister was first diagnosed with breast cancer in the 1980s? Where were you and your wonderful cure for this disease when her cancer returned eight years later?

Where was that cure when the cancer metastasized first to her lungs, then her spine, and finally her brain? What made you go so slow with your experiments while she died pumped full of morphine to help take away her pain? What were you doing in your lab when she finally found relief in death at the age of 58 back in 1996?

Dr. Marshall, I hate you and every doctor like you for not finding the cure for breast cancer in time to save my sister. Yes, I'm bitter even though I realized millions of women will be saved the agony she went through. When I read or hear about this wonderful cure for breast cancer, I can't keep from crying at the loss of my wonderful older sister.

I am sorry I am filled with such useless hate, but maybe writing this letter will help my pain.

J. A. Buxton

Word count = 201

Written for:
Letters of Life, Love & Hope  (18+)
A writing activity in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month.
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