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prologue or start of Marry
This is the longest in the history of life , which is close to the confession, vaguely reminiscent of a novel. It has no real time frame , because fantasy events associated with different ages , so do not be surprised if one day you will read about the wild west , and tomorrow with technology on the streets of Texas. And God forbid , do without mentioning real names . All what I can say - Merry exist (but how did you know it was not her real name). Names are adapted and modified , the place where the action will occur maybe sometimes will have echoes of the real, but it's better not to look for in them the reflection of reality that else? Oh yes, all of what I write has real roots of what was happening , but some things to think out something just redone, something thoroughly truthful . So please do not look at the stories of real characters and real people. Just do not look for morals , and some profound statement in this diary . All what is in question here , it's just a cry from the heart and conscience of relief that I think too much , and I know from the fact that real life is too boring at times , and at times so supersaturated with secret desires , secret deeds , that it becomes difficult to keep my mouth lock, and then come to the aid of pieces of paper and pen and ink, and your flight vocabulary ... I ask you directly about what is called charity, and lack of judgment. After all, we are all people ! Let's just define that everything described here is bordering on delirium inflamed brain and fantasy are not balanced person , actions that defy understanding , as in real life people and fictional characters on my pages . I beg your forgiveness for my marasmic verbal splash on the pages of this blog , but from a misunderstanding in this world - sometimes looking for insight into the world of electronic characters.
P.S. I beg you, if you are under 18 , do not climb here ! Because I do not know how far 'll go to the description of some events , and some have age- censor and verbal , too, though .
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