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A poem I wrote for my English homework. I wrote it 4 years ago! Still proud of it today!
The night closing in, soldiers fumbling around,
Fitting on gas masks they dropped on the ground.
Friends are lost within the smoke,
As bombs came dropping from German folk.

Writhing in agony, staggering in pain.
The whites of their eyes show up in the rain.
Sharp little splinters, cold as ice,
Pelt on their faces, a heavy price.

Trudging around, as blind as bats,
They jump in the trenches, holding on to their hats.
Silent, dead bodies, all around,
Fall in to Hell, mound around mound.

Soaked knee-high in a pool full of mud,
They stand together, drawing enemy blood.
As they ponder through the rain,
They wonder what their memories'll gain.

Hopeful and excited, but grieving too,
Christmas arrives, they all wanted to break through.
But the day drew to a betrayed sigh,
And they found out it was all a lie.

Comrades we injured, many were dead,
But they soon found out what was coming up ahead.
The football match surprised them all,
As one by one, the players fall.

As the match played on, 50 men a-side,
The Germans and English stodd side by side.
It only lasted half an hour,
'Till the troops regained their power.

1915 did draw to a close,
As the years passed by, nobody knows.
It started to end in 1918,
When the German soldiers did come clean.
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