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Two supernatural hunters watch a falling star.
The night time sky lite up with a bright, white light. Alexander Clark stood outside staring up at the night sky, wondering why the sky had lite up all of a sudden. A few seconds later the sky lite up again.

“Leo, come take a look at this,”

Leo, who had been reading the latest newspaper, sighed putting down the newspaper and went outside to join his hunting partner.

“What is it, Alex?” Leo said rubbing his tired eyes. This was his third sleepless night in a row. He was going to need to sleep soon.

“Watch,” Alex said, pointing towards the sky. Leo looked up at the sky, humoring Alex. Two seconds later the sky lite up. Leo’s eyes widened. Alex turned to Leo.

“What do you think it means?” Leo asked crossing his arms and leaning against the doorframe of their hotel room.

“Angels,” Alex said with a nod, turning his face back to the sky.

“Angels,” Leo repeated eyeing Alex carefully. Alex was losing sleep too. Leo wondered if they were both just imagining the whole thing.

The sky lit up once more. “That’s the only rational answer. No weather can light up the sky like that. Nothing I’ve ever seen anyway,” Alex said, not turning to look at Leo.

“Right. Rational answer.” Leo said pushing away from the doorframe with a yawn. “Come on inside Alex. We need to get some rest. We will talk about it in the morning,”

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