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Anthony and Merry sat well weigh on the air while drinking hot tea and enjoying the greyness misty morning . Their neighbors did not take his eyes from the couple, in particular, a little more than a man of thirty , with long blond locks of tucked away at the top of sunglasses. Merry same was still so fond of provocations. She kept glancing languidly toward the curious onlookers and charming smile , in doing so , she immediately looks at Anthony . But their peaceful tea party interrupted by a call , and judging by the look Anthony , he again plunged into work.
- Good morning ! - Hiding his irritation , as can be kindly man tried to talk over . - Yes, we have forty minutes as you expect !
Merry stood up and gathered disposable dishes went to the ballot box , which was located just near neighbors. She was wiggling her hips in an urn , and not just thrown out the used gear but especially gracefully bent , while if by chance turned and looked into the eyes blond " lion ." Man embarrassed and took his eyes and continued the conversation. Anthony grew up next to a mighty tree and picked up in a conversation led Merry towards the hotel . Standing at the machine and taking away some papers , Merry specifically turned around and caught everybody's attention to release it in the dreams themselves from the next table across the road.
- What a nightmare - said Merry , making the victim - even tea can not be easy to drink , how can you? After all, it is not well to look into the mouth when someone eats .
- Well, I can reassure you , they not only looked you in the mouth . While you was not one of them looked up from your retreating backside. - Anthony said sarcastically .
- Yes, I saw - grimacing said Merry - They're just jealous of you and dreamed of visiting your place .
- As it is not imbued with their fluids , and I did not feel them - Anthony countered with more malice .
Merry laughed at his silly face expressive of The feigned annoyance . Upon entering the hotel, the receptionist at the reception gave them to wait a director on the couch in front until he has finished his urgent business . Merry gladly collapsed on the sofa and began to think of something - a small hallway looking around the hotel. Following her gaze on the TV , on which twisted music videos, and for a while it just became a party to them , considering the techniques of filming and animation.
- Yes , I'm listening - the voice of Anthony Merry pulled out of thought. - Of course write .
Anthony made ​​notes on a pad , and the head of Merry getting harder . The body was warmed , the stomach is full and also warmed , the dream was invited into the body , which is in idle. She collapsed on the couch , put on her hood from tank tops and eyes closed was diligently trying to sleep. But in the sitting position, in which it was done it was extremely inconvenient . Then after a moment, she pretended that fell asleep and leaned awkwardly on the shoulder Anthony . After a few seconds of anger and any claims she closed her eyes tightly and tried to take a nap .

Opening her eyes , she saw that her head quietly on the shoulder Anthony, who was still talking on the phone. When he saw that she opened her eyes , he winked at her as if to say , " It happens to everyone , do not strain ." Merry abruptly stood up and straightened hair again sat straight and decided it would no longer close our eyes . Well, what can I say , this situation requires my intervention , the fact that Merry was not embarrassed by it, her relationship with Anthony got very warm and friendly way , she treated him like a big brother , which authorized flirtation between them. But the fact that the moment of her playing with him, ostensibly embarrassed embarrassed touch to it was something real . There was a moment of fear that the sister face will be erased , and their relationship will no longer be so easy as it is now . Once she awakened as the director entered the room with his dwarf gesture and invited them into his office. The interview went much better than last time , since the office was not outsiders. What can we say about the time that was all it took . After graduating from the conversation. Merry got up and walked to the door , this time Anthony followed her . Out in the hall she looked at him questioningly , but Anthony just smiled in response .
- Are you going to work?
- No, I now need to call in another office.
- It's a shame . again under its own power - rolling her eyes said Merry .
- Poor thing - running a hand through the girl's head said Anthony . - Can you give a sheet with my synopsis , I 've seen a few times you do not have time to write .
- No, no thank you , I have a memory like an elephant !
- Come see the elephant , I suggested ! - A wide smile said Anthony .
Merry buttoned vest and headed for the door, but then ran over to Anthony and snatched the notebook from the hand looked at the record.
- Wait a second - she said laughing while reading a string.
- I'm telling you , take sheets, to me they are not needed !
- No, No, all I remember . - Merry and gave him a notebook in hand.
- Look, I 'll come check it .
- Well, if you say so boss ! - She saluted and walked to the door.
So another one interview in the walls FrostHausa .
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