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by KAM
Rated: ASR · Chapter · Thriller/Suspense · #1960355
What happened to Anisa's mom?
Till the clock strikes Midnight 6
This is the account of Anisa's mom in the hospital
I woke up in the hospital they were asking me if I remember who this girl was she looked similar to me with her hair in a bun calling me mom. It took me a while to realize what was going on and who that girl was.
"Anisa?" I asked with a low voice
"MOM! I am so happy you remember me, the doctors said that you might of lost your memory." Anisa said starting to freak out
"Honey, of course I would remember you!" I said hugging Anisa
The doctor came in with a scan of my brain.
"Your brain looks find, do you remember what happened last night?" the doctor asked
"Of course I do, is Jacob in jail?" I asked the doctor
"Mam, I am not sure, a man by the name of Derrick would like to see you." the doctor said and left
It was Detective Derrick he came in with flowers and a get well soon card.
"Hey Ms. Williams I hope you are okay." Derrick said handing me the gifts
"I am fine, is Jacob in jail?" I asked starting to cry
"Yes, but he is going to he is using bail to get out of jail." He said
"WHAT! Derrick what can I do? "I said
"Nothing really they told me as soon as you leave the hospital in 1 week you can talk to the judge." Derrick said
1 WEEK! I have to go to work." I said starting to worry.
"Look in the envelope." Derrick said
I looked in the envelope in $5,000 was in the package!
"Why would you..." I started to ask
"Look you have a cast on your leg, you almost died. Your daughter almost got shot twice! And we still don't know what happened to Ryan. The lest I can do is help you." Derrick said
I did not notice the cast on my leg I started to cry.
"THANK Y0U SO MUCH DERICK." I said hugging him
Anisa got up and left she had a phone in her hand. She tried to hide it and went to the bathroom.
This is the account of Anisa when she answered the phone.
"What do you want?" I asked
"Tomorrow is the day to find what is in that closet" the man said in a deep voice
"What if I don't?" I ask the man
"Your mom will be next" the man said and hung up the phone.
I ran straight to check on my mom, she had a seizure, I knew that this man was not playing. How did he know so much about us. Then out of no where all the light in the hospital went off. I knew something was up but I did not know what.
Thank you for reading ,please read chapter 1-6. For more chapters please come back next Friday.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1960355-Till-the-clock-stirkes-midnight-Chapter6