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The story of Clyde Vance Stevens, and his adventures through his unfortunate & crazy life.
A quiet and lost community in the middle of the dark skies of Alaska lived a family. A quaint and rather familiar family to many. A father, a mother, a sister, a brother, and a baby that neither of the siblings wanted. The baby boy was sobbing loudly every night. Nothing would quiet the poor child except for the touch of his dear mother. He was constantly the center of attention, and his lovely siblings didn't like it very much. They were rather like Wednesday and Pugsley from The Addams Family. A brother named William and sister named Annabelle, they were twins. They were adored everywhere for their undeniable charms and talents. They were far better than their silly, incoherent, but undeniably cute baby brother, Clyde. Their mother, Yvonne, cuddled the baby, smiling to her other children. She didn't look at them the same. She didn't even think of her children the same way, but that's possibly because her children were now bloodthirsty and malicious. For example, they did try to cut out their baby brother's eye. They failed, rather miserably on both parts. The baby was blind in one eye and had a rather nasty scar. The baby was now a seven years old, and still living. A surprise to many who know of the family that lives in the cave.
Yes, a cave. They had a small cottage in a cave. So, technically, they had a pool, but no one could guarantee what was in it besides water. But, that's besides the point. Clyde, red hair abundant and blue eye twinkling. One had turned a rather milky color due to the...incident. He was walking and talking away. The twins still couldn't stand his face and curled their lips in sync.
“Come, children! It’s Christmas. Lighten up!” Their father, Klaus, said, ruffling their hair.
“Father, we’re atheist.” They pouted and crossed their arms. Father laughed.
“Yes. Yes, we are. Now, let’s go open the presents!” His deep bass voice chilled them to the bone and if he were any louder, stalagmites would probably rain upon them and they would be dead.

The children scurried to open their not-so-holy presents. William got a Desert Eagle .50. Annabelle got the same. As did...Clyde? Yvonne jumped up.
“Klaus, he’s only 7!”
“What? It’s a fake one. It shoots out a flag that says ‘Bang!’, Yvonne. That’s no big deal, right?” Yvonne breathed a sigh of relief.
“You had me worried…”
“I’m not as dumb as you wish I were.” Klaus kissed his wife on the cheek and sat down next to her on their ugly hand-me-down floral couch.
Annabelle and William were bouncing around the house with joy. Their guns, ammo, candies, and striped knee socks with matching hats. Now they could truly match from head-to-toe!!

After presents, they laughed and skated across their formerly water ‘pool.’ Clyde fell down and cried. And like always, mother came to his rescue. Suddenly, the twins had an idea. They skated up to their beloved mother.
“Mom, I think you and dad should have some time alone! We’ll take care of Clyde!” Annabelle smiled innocently. The smile was so sincere, their naive mother believed they wouldn’t hurt Clyde. It had been a year since the last incident, where they tried to cut off his pinky. It’s quite a long story. Possibly for another novel, or just another page. Either way, it will not be told right now.
As they said, they watched Clyde as the siblings skated.
“Clyde, stand there. We’re gonna play Marco Polo on the ice!” Annabelle took off her headband and put it around Clyde’s eyes. “We’ll spin you while skating around you. When we count to...25, we’ll skate off. Okay?” The boy nodded.
“‘Kay, Annie!”
The children skated in circles around their younger brother. After 25, circles, they let go of his arms, and skated off. Clyde called out.
“Marco!” There was no reply. The only noise was...what sounded like a cracking noise. Suddenly, the ice shifted beneath his feet. “M-Marco!” He called out again, his voice now a little shaky. Again, no response. He took the headband from his head and looked down to his feet. He was about to fall through. Quickly, he went to move, but it was to no avail.

He fell right through. Annabelle and William skated up to him. They laughed happily and pushed him down when he bobbed up. Clyde didn’t know what to do, so he swam off. He didn’t strain himself swimming because he didn’t want to run out of breath. However, the child did not know how to swim except for what he had seen on TV. So, he tried to mimic whatever he had seen on the TV. After a few seconds, away from home, he found his skates were weighing him down. He carefully took one off and started to swim up. He knocked on the ice as hard as he could underwater. The first hit was completely useless, but it was all he could do. He kept doing it. Finally, it started to break. He was running short of breath and strength. The child was only seven after all.
He broke through and dropped the shoe, climbing up to safety. He was safe, but he couldn’t go back home. His siblings want him dead and it’d be better if they thought he was. So, he ran off. Well, he tried to. He had one skate still on. The other had sunk down, so he took the other one off and ran. He still slipped several times and hurt himself, causing himself to cry. He waited for his mom to help him the first time, but then he realized, she wouldn’t come. So, he sucked it up, and scurried off again. Once he stepped out of the cave, he started for the town to start a new life. Clyde didn’t know how that was going to happen, but he started for the orphanage. Hopefully something would happen there. Maybe someone would adopt him. Only time would tell.
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