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From the diary of Cardinal Gang leader: Franky Seachrist. He tells of their escapades.
The Prologue
The unrepresented public is a problem that certainly plagues many cities, namely upstate New York and ghetto areas. ‘Minorities,’ as some wish to label them, are unspoken and unaccounted for. Not many people want to change that because they don’t want to interfere. Namely The Rich. They feel it is not their place to help the ‘minorities.’ Because of this, these ‘minorities’ cause great acts of crime. The Rich question “Why” when the answer is right in front of them. They didn’t help prevent it.
These great acts of crime often lead to more and more acts of the same injustice. Grudges are held and wars break out between cities, gangs, and families. How can we stop this? It’s quite simple really. No, we mustn’t kill the criminals. Rather, we get The Rich’s attention. We need their help to stop all of this violence, and they just think these ‘minorities’ are petty criminals with too much time on their hands. Oh, are they ever wrong. Being a gang member myself, I know what causes the action and the tears. I know the pain first hand, and it’s a bitch to deal with. We just want the wars to stop. That’s all. All us ‘minorities’ need is a little sympathy. The Rich refuse to give us compassion, so we refuse to do the same when we break out from insanity and plot to kill. It’s quite twisted when you think about it, really. Such a shame those Rich never listen to the Poor Man. He’s wise. He’s the only man who’s seen it all.
It’s such a shame The Rich can’t see past ugly appearances and empty pockets. The outlaws aren’t so bad. We live rather normal and realistic lives... Well, normal to us, anyways.

- Franky
July 5th, 2012
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