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Chapter 3 Secret
As the days passed , Merry have a good time . Speaking about time. Dark autumn evenings she attended a gym where I can not say that exhausting , but she worked , sometimes sending a photo of the deformable body for the better , Gregory. Erotic photos where she touched her body and excitingly looked at him with shots. Sometimes he talked to her about how much his body responds to the desires of her , and began to wind it , leading to a condition in which the entire body shook in spasms of his desire to touch and weasels . And then she imagined how he would caress her to return as his strong hands are squeezing her buttocks and breasts , the lips will wander through the body , leaving a wet track from kissing. Closing your eyes alone in the room , she represented as he presses her to him, and how his body covers it , as it teases and gets to burn in agony desire. Her imagination drew pictures of their sweaty bodies and exhaustion breathing passion. She recalled the moments of summer romance with Gregory as they made ​​love in the park, as teased each other and the dragon , bringing to an orgasm just touch. She liked to see how he wants it, it starts and how his body responds to her touch . When his pants stretched from straining body . She loved sitting on the bench in front of passers-by to kiss his neck and bite gently earlobe . Laskayusche to drive nails down his back and chest , crossing his legs at the knees . Merry sat on top of him and looking into his eyes was close to his, in which passionately dug like drank cold water from the vessel into the sultry den.Zakryv him with her body , she unbuttoned his pants , and in the darkness of night alleys began to caress his flesh. She liked to see the excitement in his eyes and hear those sweet words , " Kozeny , what are you doing ?! " . Yes, it was his goat , only him. But today, sitting in the office of loneliness possessed her mind.
- So what? We'll drink tomorrow or Friday ? - Leaning over Mount Anthony asked her who has pulled out of her Merry thought.
- Mmm ... Watching in honor of what ? - Sly smile she said.
- Well, I like birthday party tomorrow! Getting up this morning I realized that exactly 10 years ago, I returned from the army - he ran his hand through his hair. - And it seemed it was only yesterday.
- Well, for that, of course I 'll drink the old man !
- Ah well ! ? - He put his hands on his belt and looked sternly at the stately sitting in a chair Merry .
- I am loving! - As if doing a favor she said.
- Well, I remember that.
- Well, do not get mad , I want to bring pancakes tomorrow ? But only if you buy with Nutelu .
- But I want!
- Okay with you Nutela with my pancakes.
- It's a deal .
And Anthony headed for the exit.
- Then you tomorrow .
- Do not forget the pasta! - Yelled after him, Merry .
- Do not forget the pancakes ! - Its the same tone said Anthony .
- I will try .
Coming home Merry finish the work that was taking home as a part-time job at midnight set to work . Ispekshi pancakes , exhausted and weary of cooking, she fell prostrate face down dead on a bed of sweet , which is under the authority of Morpheus blew it in the realm of dreams .

Ask a cheerful morning start. In short shorts color of mature grass and denim shirt , which is completely covered them , wearing boots in style ankle boots and a leather jacket , with a bowl in hand with pancakes , Merry squeezed into a public taxi and went to work. She was going through and poludremu suspected that Anthony never bought pasta, despite her reminder. She replayed in my head their morning conversation , and at times played on her lips barely perceptible smile .
Merry : "Happy Birthday, though only 29 times in this life, but it is not 30 ! So life is good ! "
Anthony : "Thank you"
M: "Wait , I 'm taking pancakes "
E: " I'm at work, I thought you were already on the way "
M: " Yes, I 'm coming , I'm coming , do not make a noise Babe . 'm Coming to a stop , do not forget the pasta , the newborn capricious "
E: " That's strange you just pointed to my 29 , and on you Babe "
M: "Do not whine . Wait "
E: " Pokusaev "
M: " That sounds like a threat , I can sue ! "
E: " Erase the message and blow on the job"
M: " Yes, now , this is my alibi ! "

Going into the office in a form that has been specified above , of course, who does not refrain from witty , followed by jokes and compliments and coveted views.
- Merry , and for me at least 30, but I can not help but look at these legs! - Andrew was troubled .
- What's wrong with your feet? - Merry willfully surprised - not beautiful ?
- Yeah , grinning Andrew said - just awesome! Already opinion does not tear. And the length of your shirt has introduced me to a screeching halt , or more precisely the length of your shorts , they generally have on you ?
Merry lifted her blouse to show demonstrating the presence of his pants .
- Phew ! I was thinking that you do without them! - The feigned wiping sweat from his forehead said Andrew .
- I extravagant but not so much ! Help yourself - open and put on the table pancakes said Merry . - Where are my pasta Nutela ?
- Who would you Nutela !
- I knew that you did not buy it .
After a couple of minutes on the table was a jar of Merry Nutely , pancakes and hot tea brewed Anthony for her.
- How sweet ! Well Flown people! And once again a happy birthday. And then the day of your whims and my true!
Anthony smiled and took the pancake went to his desk .
- Well, it's fine , eat ! Mmm ... pancakes just charming .

The day was nothing more than undistinguished . Pancakes were scattered on ura.No Merry wanted so much seafood that beating all the nearby shops she has found a jar of your favorite mussels in butter. And her happiness knew no bounds until the phone rang.
- Do you drink ?
- It depends on what and with whom, and when.
- Tonight with us.
- In the evening I can not workout in the gym.
- What about me ?
- And that still celebrate today ? - Merry asked, surprised .
- Yes ! And when else ? Forget the workout. You drink ?
- What else?
- Trevos brought Ararat 5 stars out last trip to Armenia, straight from the factory .
- I do not drink.
- Then what ? Juice ? Pepsi ? Well I do not insist , but my health could have a drink and sip .
- Orange juice.
- Oh, no , I drink apple cider ! - Outraged Anthony .
- Who against drink - permissible gesture was the phrase the flying from her lips . - I really do not play any special role that drink of juice .
- Late until you read the monologue I changed the packaging.
- Wow, what service , direct all my whims true! ?
- What do you want - laughing into the phone said Anthony .
- Anything else?
- No, if you have any special requests ?
- No, that's all I can ask for.
- All then watch out.
In the handset beeps were heard . Merry sat a little impressed looking straight ahead. Attention Anthony was no more than an expression of sympathy , and she understood perfectly . In her mind the thought that today was throbbing something to happen, but what sense did not give her to understand .
Typing a short message mother , " I'll be late, celebrates his birthday ," she went down on the noise was moving furniture on the ground floor of an office building. Trevos stood outside in the courtyard and raskochegarival coals for cooking meat on the fire. Andrew and Nicholas moved tables . Inside the rose a strange sense of anticipation of something. After taking the owl workplace Merry continued leisurely typing text documents.
Hearing the click of the door , Merry realized that Anthony came , but did not budge .
- Merry ! - Called her voice from below .
- Yes ! - Still sitting on the place she said.
- Bring a sponge and a knife !
- Now , second.
Having found a knife and a detergent , Merry went downstairs and grocery bags were in her household (albeit temporary) ruki.Ona sliced ​​snacks and warmed up ready meals, while the men were preparing meat stringing it on skewers .
- Mmm ... - She purred .
- What is it? Left alone , said Anthony .
- I love sulguni , you're straight today all decided to please me ?
- Well - with a shrug , as if that's a given case said Anthony - There is also a cake to you , you just want it for my birthday.
Merry roared with laughter , and the truth is , on the eve before the event , said he wanted to cake and just for the sake of it is already possible to love Anthony and his birthday.
- Thank you , this is so cute!
The evening was spent for communication, toasts, laughter and fun . Merry saw and forgot his promise to drink a couple of sips , as Andrew is constantly filled her glass , and she just did not want to strain on the matter. Anthony relaxed and fingered chords on the guitar playing bard songs and occasionally making jokes to the Merry . Merry same was absorbed communion with Andrew , where they developed no decent threads and released a stinging jokes aside okruzhayuschih.Vremenami Anthony Merry put his head on her shoulder , or just pretended that distracted by conversation with Nicholas . So the time passed unnoticed . Trevos all left the company before fleeing to his beloved wife. After he left the company to join celebrating roommate Andrew - Ashley, who constantly tried to show his sarcastic and antipathy Merry . But here's Anthony picked up the phone and called a taxi . Merry gathered up from the table , too, and began to dial . While she was ordering the car , Anthony briefly kissed her on the cheek and waved goodbye to his hand disappeared through the front door. Merry could not describe his condition hung up . There was a sense that something has gone wrong and something happened. As if parting was to be another, more complete and festive and not squeezing and clear. Put the bag on a chair, she put her hand with a phone in his pocket. As she heard the door creak .
- Merry !
- What? - She replied .
- Come here for a second please .
Merry went to the door , with the door ajar on a dark doorstep, not to cover anything other than the office windows , was Anthony .
- So what? - He reached out to her as if in a gesture of farewell embrace, to which not a drop Merry said without hesitation.
But at the moment when her face came close to his lips , she saw that dug into her passionately . I do not know what to say to her excuse , perhaps there is simply no need, but Merry responded to the kiss . Her heart pounding , eating sensed the warmth of his hand which fell below the buddy position and gently squeezed her buttocks. His tongue wandered into her mouth , and her lips were firm and persistent. Tolley of the lack of gregory , whether because of alcohol in the body , whether because of such a strong physical attraction it Merry did not want to stop now . She knew that he had a wife and son , that they are waiting for him at home , but his lips, his perfume were so intoxicating that break away from it made ​​a sound of a car drove up .
- Happy Birthday - Merry said laughing .
- While - smacking her goodbye said Anthony .
Merry was a couple of seconds on the doorstep and smeshinkoy nervous laugh , he made ​​a gift to himself , he stole her kiss and it was the best prize for him today . Back in the room with rdeyuschimi lips and furious shot in the ears of the heart she hoped not to betray their secret flirting . Andrew and Ashley said goodbye to her and went home. Merry doubirala everything off the table and waiting for a taxi , Nikolos said goodbye and went home.
All the way she thought about Anthony , his kiss, which further sparked her sympathy for him, her desire for him ... its a passion that no one can put out. That kiss turned her brain upside down ... but first things first . And now she came home and undressed slipped into bed , afraid to make eye contact with his mother, who could read in her face all that was happening to her .
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