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Chapter 4 Soul and Mind
The next day , Merry was all on pins and needles. It is understood that yesterday's adrenaline, it is a wrong act on her part. But she could not help it , she fell asleep with the thought of his lips , his scent , his hands. She knew that this is the wrong situation with their social position , from which she had a headache . But it is even harder pounding from not knowing what to do and how to behave. Merry was one of those people inside that kept hundreds of questions and rooms with hidden locks, cupboards with skeletons and corners in which lay the mysteries of existence . She could be in deep sorrow, and if she did not want to give out , you never would have guessed this . She was riding in the truck for work and thinking how to behave when meeting with Anthony today . What should she do? After all, this is a man, and as you know , if he set foot on your territory , he sets foot on it twice and did not waver , and second in thought to do that and get more. What if he reaches for it again in a kiss ? Merry too well knew herself to console themselves with empty words and lies. She knew that if he would encroach on it again, she could not refuse him , as she had wished , in spite of all the viciousness of this act .
As you can imagine I was too close and I know Merry , and I hope her heart to forgive my betrayal . But you understand that such stories are rare in life , and such persons as it in my lifetime , too rare still the same. No of course there are hundreds of girls like guys who change gloves are crossing all the facets of morality for the sake of their own pleasure . But how do you hope to have understood , Merry was a completely different case. Her life consisted of ECG heartbeat. Or sharply up or shrieking with fear or pain down . On another it just could not be . Extreme sports and adrenaline have been the engine of her life, emotional outbursts - that's what gave her the strength to move forward constantly regardless of what is happening around . Attention and passion - became for her in this life everlasting fuel. Merry terribly afraid intermeddle in the family , which is shared with me . She told me about one fan and played on her lips sweet smile when immersed in memories , she constantly touched his lips , as if at their fingertips kept his lips , and now forever be hiding there. She told me about her fears , she was afraid of what her feelings for Gregory were different . Her gloomy forest shrouded doubt that is true if it arrives and does not stumble if she tore round mock decency entered into a dangerous game with Anthony .
I'll tell you a little about Merry and her mother Helga . It was a marvelous woman who rarely evoked sympathy for people like Merry , but unknown charms attracted the men and their children. It has built itself a great human nest in which there were so many problems and misunderstandings that the nerves of even the most hardened person would have passed in the first second . Having three children of the woman kept himself in shape with timeless description of willpower. She managed to keep the family understood me credibility and neutrality. The ratio of children to her and her husband Arthur were different as heaven and earth . If they saw her friend , then her husband lost his authority and credibility for a long time . There was a moment of respect for the truth , as though he was the head of the family , and at times was clearly visible unjust tone in relations between spouses, where Helga stubbornly refused to be "for" the man, but stubbornly ran ahead of him. I do not want to argue and condemn faithful to its policy in this matter , as I originally thought I form our prologue in the phrase - no mercy and judgment. We are all human ! And yet it is a relationship of Helga and Merry . These diverse and, at the same time, sometimes eerily similar girls were best friends , and then mother and daughter. But not infrequently the brink of balance between these positions was lost and there were quarrels, which clash with the characters looked like a nuclear war . But in spite of these petty quarrels between them had no secrets , they knew each other's lives almost everything. And "near " the key word here . Otherwise I would not have this blog where I write all the mysteries of the life of this lovely creation. I hope her mother will read these lines , and the reading will not guess who I am talking about. And because of the habit , which instilled in his daughter Helga , to monitor and be aware of what is happening in the life of his daughter , Merry could not live peacefully . She could not tell her mother about what happened at a birthday party , as would be faced with another lecture and conviction, as she had thought. After all, her family , and she has until recently been a decent Christian, holy walking on the path of Christian life and religious outlook. Her parents , and believe me I do not blame her , but only with admiration Take notice it were true believers , despite their shortcomings and errors in this life. But , alas, in spite of all my delight I know how to break the soul Merry that she can not talk about this topic with Helga . because of this , Helga fell into a mental depression and talked about it with all the strangers and located far away from her people. She wrote and asked the advice of his friend from Brooklyn , who was still so ladies' man with a wealth of life experience. Grown weak and tired from the night of headaches she even dared to call the hotline and counseling , with whom she had a headache even more , because the guy on the other side of the phone apparently did not understand the problem and started her vparivat threads about rape and danger of flirting as such, after 15 minutes of misunderstanding Merry thanked the young man and put down the phone and without hearing his moral nonsense.
So she went and tormented yourself from the inside , smiling and playing the role of others as if nothing is happening.
After our conversation with her , she still decided that he would come to work and look at his behavior , and come what may , in the course of what is happening and act . I'm just nodding or saying what not to give a chance to talk and decided to grant their ears open and friendly podderzhku.Reshiv that nevertheless did so , Merry went to work with a lot of doubt in my heart . Fortunately , or vice versa Anthony did not appear that day at work , why torment still very angry heart Merry . I'm not going to talk about what happened to her hysterical that night , she was crying and did not know how to hint to the mother about what happened to her terrible things equal treason. She talked about how she lacks affection, she wants sex , she wants to love and be loved , but without her , Gregory is not available , and it is still talked about Anthony , talking about his desire and how much she is afraid to do stupidity. Helga was comforting daughter and tried to say something encouraging but nothing could console her , until she pulled herself together and did not keep quiet so as not to seem even more crazy mother than she put herself at the moment. I do not want to devote all the nuances in her mind , from the category of the fallen and that it is not completely healthy, she needs a psychiatric ward in a hospital, or a bullet in the head , because no one will even notice her absence, and Gregory, showing so little to her attention in recent days, do not miss it . Of course she was lying and felt sorry for herself . This girl is sometimes thought of things, from whom fate had to change their actions and give her what she wanted. She wanted to respond to her life gave her the desired manipulation , but it was not all power over the girl with a mess in my head. Despite the fact that it was called the heavens themselves darling of fortune .
The next day, going down to the first floor office , going home Merry heard the click of the door, he saw Anthony 's shoulder her heart pounding , he's heard her footsteps - sharply raised his head and looked at the stairs. It was clear that something in their relation to one another have changed, but no one filed and mind that is mindful of the fact that it was in before last night. They are nice talk together a couple of minutes , letting barbs at each other as before, after , they were joined by Andrew and the conversation got a laid-back character. Merry realized that attributed to alcohol that kiss will not, in the eyes Anthony was evident that he remembers everything . Nevertheless , seeing that he makes no attempt to do it again , Merry with peace of mind ( as it seemed) went to the gym .
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