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Rated: 18+ · Review · Fantasy · #1960526
A Fantasy about Bears and peace on Earth
For October Everflame by Dylan Peters

Do you like bears:  Then this story will, trip your trigger.

"Together they were a fish catching team" but, the bears can make individual decisions.  They live a bear life,which means they live in caves and fish like bears.  As individuals they discuss a time in the future when there will be peace of earth.

In this story they get a chance to make a contribution to the changes that will bring peace between animals and man.

"Just as the bear felt he might never reach the child in time," after this quote the paragraph goes on the describe man's violence to man, wolfish response and heroic bear acts.

Besides the bears, other characters you will meet will be magical, or ancient, or other worldly, or purely human in description. 

You will get the direction of life as it is found in this story but not the satisfying ultimate end. Everflame is the beginning of a 4 book series. 
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