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manuscript cutted

Vengeance One--in the published printed version I fail many ways. After the ressurection I failed as well by not writing better scenes. This time after cutting and I do mean cutting, deleteing, redoing, recasting.
Allowing my readers to feel and expereince the graveyard scenes learning my main characters, their rolls in upcoming chapters. If I did not go into great detail about them its probable their presents will be short lived.

Dawn Chandler's scene in earlier visions I had left too many holes concerning her character. Her changes that occured over time. The How and Why. Her roll as a writer and I never explained in great detail about the 'story' Helen had 'borrowed'. I never expressed what she's reading and why Helen Williams and Betty so upset. The impact what was lifted had on Helen as words unfolded before her eyes. (I did post highlights to this on this page. If you have not read please do)

Once the ressurection was over, the scenes that followed were 'good scenes' but like all writing he could be Better. I gutted, redone, recasted, deleting every scene in this chapter by giving a twist as to why in later upcoming series a 'Prince searched for his Princess' declaring war among the living concerning her. (This chapter alone delivered a major impact! The Course of Change. One that will 'stun' those from days past that had the Honor to be part of Coming Home Vengeance One.

Speaking of this title, I studied many hours to keep or delete, deleting won. I needed a title that would carry all Vengeance series, the title Resurrection Retribution makes a statement for all series to follow rather they too have own titles--subtitles.

One of the characters in last version--Hunter, I didn't give her much of a roll until later in manuscript, but that changed. She is Dawn's best friend, and her role changed and this is where I cannot word enough without giving away a major plot to the changes with Dawn. I can say, no one sees this one coming! I didn't! As I said, I stepped aside allowing the characters to tell 'their story', and in doing this I now have a perfect script with emotions set aside and delivered 'the best' Vengeance rewrite.

In a day or two I will post 'highlights' Hunter & Dawn interactions. I will post the entire scene at the cemetery, well one of the scene's.

Let you be the judge....

I'm having fun with my horses and writing again! My life cannot be more perfect than that.
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