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A poem based on a true story
The People They'll Become

Four children that live just two houses away,
Were ready for candy on Halloween day.
Mom and dad were too drunk to drive anywhere,
An obvious fact that they just did not care.

The kids are well taught, and always behave,
But the adults inside try to drink to their grave.
They frighten the kids with mean arguing ways,
And don't seem to know the results of their days.

Impressions on minds who are too young to fight.
No role models here... no thoughts that delight.
Will these tiny souls grow to be like their folks,
Be drunkards, who spat, and give threatening pokes?

Take heed how you act around children of clay,
For you're molding the people they'll become someday.
Be positive, tender, and care for each one,
And create a nice world where we all can have fun. *Hourglass* 
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