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A special poem about my unique slant when it comes to fate, faith, and God above.

-For Us To Find-
Keaton Foster

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No there
Just to the right
Way to the left
Then back again
Much more
As always
And will be required
The journey
And the destination
Not one and the same
No way
No how
Seek until sought
Look until found
Disbelieve until believed
Question everything
That is your right
A God given one
I’d like to add
For us to find
Our way
God stands still
Without fault
At least
That’s the idea
Who would dare question
The unquestionable
Maybe not you
But certainly me
I’ll take the risk
And you
Can have the rewards
I will lend you a mind
If you lend me an ear
Read what I’m saying
And hear each line
Make them yours
Communal property
Pass it on
From one lemming
To the very next
The fall is of course great
But with regard
To God above
Gravity has no pull
While hopelessly falling
You will soar
Like carbon angels
I will remain
Then again
I won’t
Front of the line
Or the very back
It’s all the same
God understands
Every masterpiece
Is of course flawed
One might see a flower
While another
Sees a snake
One might see a sun
While another
Sees a hole in the sky
Everything is beholden
And everything that is beholden
Is open to interpretation
We all serve one idea
One unified construct
An obligation turned king
The court of fools is always full
Telling jokes that aren’t funny
People laugh anyway
Everyone gets a trophy
A reward for just showing up
And giving life
Some kind of effort
I am of course
Am in that mix
For us to find
Such a novel idea
Many love to push it
Many live to wrap their minds
All the way around it
Not me
No way
No how
I will question
Both what I’m looking for
And why
When I have those answers
Be assured I will not
Relinquish my right
To ask additional questions
For us to find
Is no doubt a good start
A point of reference
But not the end of looking
And of course further finding…

For Us To Find
Written by Keaton Foster Copyright © 2013

© Copyright 2013 Keaton Foster: Know My Hell! (keatonfoster at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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