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Starting of my second novel,please be patience as it may take awhile to be done.
         The headline read, "Young girl reported missing has finally been found near the bridge." Everyone knew her as it was a small town in fact everyone knew each other but did the other kids really know HER? She was always the brightest in all her classes with long wavy blonde hair that reflected the sunshine, big nerdy glasses and always had some over-sized university sweater on, her favorite was Harvard since she intended on going there. She would smile at the other kids that attended school with her and could effortlessly light up the room, even though she was shy she knew how to stand up for what was right. But did they know her true personality or was it all an act so she could just get through high school then finally live her life the way she wanted too? Was she leading a double life or maybe was there really two of her?

         The day Audrey was reported missing the whole entire town searched and searched for her, they searched the streets in the small town center that was always buzzing with friendly hello's and even the rural parts that when you were little you were warned to never go off in to those parts of the shameless town, but was the town hiding something? If this town was so shameless then why were we always warned to never go in to those parts, nothing bad could ever happen here. Well that's what everyone kept telling themselves until the disappearance of Audrey Moss.

         " Senior girl attending Fairfield High School has been found near the bridge at approximately 8 o'clock am yesterday morning, the police have given us conformation that the mangled body was indeed Audrey Moss. The police are also describing the scene as one of the most disturbing and complex cases that this town has seen in over 20 years. With limbs missing and stab wounds covering that body it is very hard to determine what was the initial cause of death."

Meanwhile on the other side of town.

The music loudly played in the gentlemen's club with clouds of smoke filling the air, half naked women serving drinks to the low class men that are in attendance. The show was about to start as a young women slowly walks out of the curtains on stage, long black curly hair with dark makeup covering her eyes, a short red wine colored dress draping across her body that had a high cut slit up the right leg just showing enough skin you get your imagination running wild. She danced exotically to the music swaying her hips to the music, dancing sexual on the long, cold silver pole that was placed in the middle of the stage. Entreating the men that watch her as they threw money up on stage hoping she would take off the little dress to reveal what was underneath. She slide down the pole slowly opening and closing her legs as her arm was stroking the pole, underneath the glove that she wore deep red blood appeared running down the pole with her arm.

Mysterious girl:

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