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by EmJay
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Sindy is hiding from something and it is banging on the other side of the door!
Sindy winced as the piercing wail from the other side of the door gradually got louder and longer. As if someone were being subjected to one of those awful torture machines that slowly and painfully stretched every limb in their body until they gave up the information they were desperately holding onto.

She sank further into the corner and covered her ears with her hands. The banging continued alongside the wailing. What could they possibly be doing out there that would cause so much pain and anguish? Sindy shuddered at the thought of it.

Just moments before her life had been bright and complete, now it seemed it was all falling apart on the other side of the door. And here she was, cowering in the downstairs loo with the door locked, her peace shattered and feeling helpless.

She knew that at some point they would either find her hiding place or she would have to venture out and face the music. For now though she was too emotional to make that decision.

Ten minutes previously Sindy had been happily playing with her children in the living room. The sun shining in through the window, despite the chill in the air. They had spent the morning baking cakes for after dinner and had got the wooden bricks out after lunch to build a princess castle for the little miss. She had felt calm and happy with her life and her perfect little family.

The banging started moving closer and closer until eventually it got to the door. BANG! BANG! BANG They had found her! She forced herself to stop shaking and swallowed hard. BANG! BANG! The wail reached it's peak and stopped suddenly.

Sindy pulled herself together and took a deep breath. Hands shaking, she unlocked the door and inched it open to peep around it at her once happy home. Slowly, she took in the massacre that laid before her...

The bricks from princess castle were scattered around the room as if a bomb had gone off in the centre of it. The sofa cushions had been pulled off and, by the looks of it, used to hide behind. The dog's bed had been turned upside down. The rug was rolled up in the middle of the room and looked suspiciously like it may have a body inside.

Sindy's presence was met with cries of "I didn't do anything." and "Yes you did, you ruined my castle!"  She looked at the tear stained faces of her "angelic" children and sighed.

"Right, lets tidy this mess up shall we?"  She said as she mentally reminded herself that it was only three hours until bedtime!

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