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Once upon there was an island called Sea Bridge that only the most imaginative dream of.
          Once upon a time there was a bridge that connected reality to a secret world that only a few dare to enter, it's name was Sea Bridge. The bridge was covered in beautiful green moss with strange and exotic flowers with all different vibrant colors twisting and turning on the handles, the bridge was the only way to enter and leave the little island. You were always greeted by such breathtaking creatures, some with bird cages as necks and others that a blue green scales covering there necks that shone in the sunlight producing such mystical patterns in the air. As you take in the gorgeous scenery the scent of fresh air and the mist of salty ocean water feel your nose as it tingles all of your senses. Yes, Sea Bridge is a small island that could only be reached by your wildest imagine but it wasn't a normal island it was a floating one that was surrounded by the crystal blue waters that reflected the sunlight and was very cold to the touch. Mer-people swiftly glided along the oceans surface and forest people with the human here and there roaming the island for they are connected to be as one living in such harmony. Here everything that exceeds your imagination can come true as long as you wish had enough and truly believe in the power of magic.

          This island was such a magical place yes but with every good there is the bad, the evil queen always plotting her evil plans to take over Sea Bridge and turn the peaceful island into a place of chaos. She lived on the top of the volcano with her devilish minions, with faces demented from the torturer they encountered. Scars and cuts heavily burned into their faces with eyes that could burn your soul but if you look past there looks that scare you forever you will find that they are simply little people that need love and care.
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